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Which aspect of modding do you find the most difficult?

Modding difficulty  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Which aspect of modding do you find the most difficult?

    • Coding
    • Level design
    • Spritework/Drawing
    • 3D modeling & Animating/Hardsurface
    • 3D modeling & Animating/Organic (characters etc)
    • Texture creation
    • Other

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Obviously this will depend on the person and not everybody is going to have experience in every area (in fact most probably don't), but for me personally it's character modeling/sculpting. I am pretty ok at hardsurface stuff but organic modeling is extremely challenging. I find level design to be the least difficult to get good at. Coding is somewhere in-between.

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Definitely sprite work and drawing for me. I can code, I can design a map, I can edit textures (very basic MSPaint edits) but I can't do sprites for shit.


Since I only do Doom modding now, that rules out the advanced 3D stuff that you'd do for other games.

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