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Help with HUD mod

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This is the notorious Ultimate Doom Visor. Tonned down to work with either zandronum or doom touch. 



It works fine so far, but when playing multiplayer the name of the gun is not displaying properly. It just shows some random name instead which doesn't make any sense.





(see where it says "Rifle")



(see where it says "STEP_FLATS")





I want it to be either working in MP just like in SP, or simply be removed. I already tried to browse the files but just can't figure out which line I had to remove. Fortunately all source files seem to be provided.








Any help would be much appreaciated!

Edited by eviltechno

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Anyone? Just removing the small text would be fine.


btw, I have 2 different HD edits of this mod. One of them is visible in my screenshots. If someones needs tell me.

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