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How would you describe Doom wads/mods in 5 words?

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Hi, this thread is a follow-up/sequel to my previous thread.
The rule is simple: just like the title says- describe any Doom wads/mods within 5 words (terrywads, jokewads and Doom IWADS are excluded. If you want to describe Doom iwads, go to my previous thread. Gameplay mods, TCs are also allowed, not just maps.) You could turn the X-word rule into a funny poem, if you like.
Also, 5 is bigger than 4, and it's not death.

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Sunder: Where Are My Linedef Limits?


Kama Sutra: Macrophilia is the New Hotness

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Deus Vult II: How Many Infidels are There?

Struggle: Enemies will Struggle for Survival.

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Eternal Doom: Where Is The Damn Switch?

Ancient Aliens: It was the Aliens...Period

Epic 2: Where Aliens and Egyptians Coexists

Doom: Ultraviolence was easy for you?

Hideous Destructor: Doom was easy on you


100.000 Revenants: AAAA AAAA AAAA AAAA AAAA

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Dwango5: SSGs and bad spawn spots

Exec.wad: BFG whores love this one

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Chillax: Maps For Op Weapons Mods

Alien Vendetta: Playing Only For Map Twenty

Valiant: MapSet With New Dehacked Monsters

Dark Universe: Dead Space Three In Doom

Eviternity: Now The Heaven Is Bad

Ghoul Forest 3: You Came By Pewdiepie Video

Ghoul Vs Humans: Now The Terror Is Multiplayer

Hellcore 2.0: Resident Evil With Doom Demons

Doom 4 Death Foretold: Doom Four In Doom Two

Brutal Doom: Doom But With More Brutal

QCDE: Quake Champions With Original Chracters

Real Advanced Guns: Call Of Duty In Doom

Hell On Earth Starter Pack: Nice Maps For Brutal Doom

Scythe 2: Easy Beginning Hard The End

Sunder: After 7 Years Be Finished

Total Chaos: Is This A Doom Mod?

Zdoom Wars: Real Time Conquest In Doom

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La Tailor Girl: Stripping naked around demonic humans.


HDooM: We don't speak of this...


Brutal DooM: Gooey gummy grotesque gory goodness.


Sonic Robo Blast 2: Miles "Tails" Prower in 3D.


Blade of Agony: Wolfenstein and DooM's love child.



The Mis-Adventures Of Dynamite: I have no shame apparently...


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Blade of Agony: They'll pray for their Leben.

Russian Overkill: Dats alotta guns!

Project Brutality: Gore, Gore, Gore, and Gore.

HDooM: Two words son, demon s██.

High Noon Drifter: Red Dude Redemption but Doom.

Brotherhood of Ruin: Archviles start a cult.

Seinfield Doom: *Piano Man harmonica section*

Fistful of Doom: Red Doom Redemption 2.

Nuts.WAD: CPU Trolling.

Wow.WAD: Literally Baby's first map.

Any Terry Wad: It's more fun not playing.

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Doom uses mods for longevity.

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Project Brutality: Very uncontrolled but fun mess

La Tailor Girl: Super aliens powered by clothing

Zion: Accurate version of DooM 2016

D4T: Doom 2016 but even faster

Parkour: Crazy walljumper shoots everything evil

BTSX: Amazing vanilla mapset with tricks

Scythe: Bunch of difficult small maps

Scythe 2: Scythe but in name only

Scythe X: Scythe 2 but slightly better

DUBG: Yet another weapons mod

DoomRL Arsenal: Upgradeable set of awesome weapons

Final Doomer: Weapon sets balanced around pwads

Complex Doom: Quite balanced and fun randomizer

Real Reload Weapon mod: Simple mod with reloading guns

OMGWPNS: Oldschool weapon and monster randomizer!

ModOhFun!: Unbound madness into a mod

Netronian Chaos: If MS-Paint took extreme steroids

Samsara: Classic heroes visit Doomguy

Demon Counterstrike: Unexpected ambush from those monsters

Mordeth: Duke Nukem Forever once again

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Nuts.wad: Your computed is melted slag

Doom 2: Hell on Earth, weird levels

Doom 1: Marine kills demons with guns

Doom 3: It's right outside...be quiet

Doom 4: Shinier, cleaner and it crashed.

Final doom:  What killed me? Oh...chaingunner

Doom 64: Definitely still better than Mario

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