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How do I replace vanilla doom sprites with newer ones?


Hello, I am new to this kind of stuff. So far I've only been replacing textures and sprites from one mod to another. Don't worry I don't really plan on uploading all my edited pk3's as I have not asked permission or have ripped the sprites on mods that specifically said not to rip. It just a kind of editing the mod to suit my own taste as As of now, I cant do coding pretty well just yet. Maybe soon, just...not now. I apologize if I've done some...heinous thing because of this.


now onto the main topic. How do I change the sprites of an Iwad? the only tutorial I've got only covers on how to add/replace current monsters with newer ones. I only need to change the sprites or the textures so I don't really need to change the behavior and the ai of the monster.


I have tried editing with the Iwad lock disabled on Slade3 but it wont recognize the sprites since the sprites im trying to use were png's and the original doom files were... well doom image files.


How do I do this?

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In your own wad or pk3 file, just create some sprites with the exact same name as the ones in Doom2 that you're trying to replace. The game will read your wad after the iwad and in-game will overwrite the original sprites with yours.


Definitely don't try editing the iwad itself, no good comes from that.

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