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Why does D2TWID's map33 crash so many ports?

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There may be an existing D2TWID thread I could post this in, but I'm not sure if it's worth bumping even for this.


In Crispy Doom, Eternity, and PrBoom+, trying to take a single step in map33 of Doom 2 the Way id Did will make the program freeze up. All three of these ports can handle map33 of any other wad just fine, such as Plutonia 2 or even the Doom 2 BFG Edition iwad. It's a limit removing map in an otherwise vanilla wad, but these are all limit removing ports. I don't think it's a result of emulating any other aspect of vanilla behavior, because it happens regardless of compatibility settings in PrBoom+ and Eternity, and Odamex doesn't have any such problems with it despite also being quite a faithful port.


One thing I found curious was that both demos on DSDA for this map were played with no monsters, but trying it that way still got me the same results in PrBoom+.


edit1: And then I tried it on another computer and everything worked fine. Oh boy.

edit2: On the computer it works on, the date it was last modified is 11/16/13, while on the first one I used that date is 12/27/13. I guess something went wrong between an outdated version I've had for a while and the one I got from Doomkid's vanilla wad pack?

edit3: I appear to be wrong about everything. I sent the outdated wad from the computer that works to the one that doesn't, and it still froze. I'm going to try seeing if I somehow have a fishy version of the iwad. Doomkid, sorry the above edit gave you a notification about this mess when nothing's your fault.

edit4: Just un- and re-installed Doom 2, still having the problem. I think this is the point where most experts would conclude that my issues are supernatural in origin.

edit5: It works in the latest daily build of Crispy, even though the versions of each port I was trying before that were the same on each computer.


Final edit: Oh how embarassing. Whenever it didn't work, I was loading it with vsmooth, and whenever it did, I was using a more minimalistic loadout. Any other details are unrelated. I guess this thread will remain here as a testament to my idiocy.

Edited by SiFi270

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D2TWID's own DEHACKED lump and vsmooth.deh together cause P_SetPsprite() to enter an infinite loop as soon as the Shotgun is picked up.


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