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Hexen custom classes WAD?

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I recently finished Hexen for the first time (I've played several times before but got bored after a while) and I was wondering if there was any WAD that, inspired by Hexen class system, adds new custom classes with a certain level of quality and balance? 


I've been searching for WADs or sprites of this but couldn't find much to be honest. Just some new weapons for some classes, or a Corvus class added to Hexen but not much anything new. Even Realm667's Hexen style weaponry/bestiary is kind of empty compared to Doom's (for obvious reasons) so apparently there isn't much to ask for. It's just that I thought that people would dream of getting new well done classes for Hexen. It would be an interesting project that I assume it isn't obviously the first time that's been brought to mind but also seems hasn't been quite well performed either.


In any case, if you know any WAD of this kind, or sprites for new classes and stuff like that, please tell me about it.

I'm not interested at making a project (I would TOTALLY love to but I'm quite short of time and my skills for doing so aren't that good) but I am highly interested on this topic.

I also have searched on the ZDoom forums but for some topics (sprites mostly) there are a humongous quantity of posts of custom sprites that would take centuries to see one per one.


Thanks for reading!

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There is a Wrath of Cronos mod for Hexen that has 2 new classes (hunter and necromancer) with their own unique weapons and stat. If one were to remove all of the rpg elements from that mod (stats, level system, abilities, monster variants etc.), it would pretty much become a type of mod u r thinking about.

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