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The little picture is called an "Avatar".
I see you 'still haven't got one so I take it you still don't know how to get one.
But not to worry; here's what you do:

-Go to the top of the screen and click on user profile(just under DOOMWORLD.
-Then click on edit options.
-Scroll all the way down.
-You'll see a little midget there called Change Avatar.
Try asking him, he's pretty wise and probably knows the answer to your question.

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Plyte said:

no way!
unless somehow they can work as a team.

They're more organized than you think.

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hey scientist thanx for that. i really am new to all this. last time i used a computer for more than five minutes at any time it went something like this.
'cd doom2'
'doom2 -file blar.wad'

so thanx again,
see ya's

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