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Lila Feuer

Doomsday Engine through Steam

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Anyone know how to launch the latest Doomsday through Steam, albeit, through a launcher like ZDL which I am using to manage my ports? Since Doomsday changed the way it handles, well, everything, since now everything's in a centralized hub where you can switch games on the fly and begins with a launcher, it must either not like Steam OR it doesn't like ZDL as a frontend on top of Doomsday's frontend.

Any help would be appreciated!

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This is how I was able to run the game without using any sort of launcher aside from command line.

But a small disclaimer: 

If you don't feel safe doing it this way, don't do it!

Though it's pretty straight forward if you're use to this sort of thing.

That said, lets get started..


In your Doomsday\bin folder..

Place your Doom2.wad in there.

Then create a config, something like this:

server-game-episode 1
server-game-map MAP03
server-game-deathmatch 1
server-game-nomonsters 1
server-game-skill 3
server-player-limit 8
server-frag-limit 0
server-time-limit 0
server-password 1234
server-public 0
server-name "My Doomsday Server!"
server-info "foobar"
server-game-jump 1
net-name Your name!

Save it as: mycfg.cfg


Now make a batch file to run the server and the client:

start doomsday-server.exe -game doom2 -p mycfg.cfg /min
start doomsday.exe -game doom2 -connect 192.168.XXX.XXX /min

~Completing the missing digits of your local IP address..

Save the batch file as: Client-Server.bat


Now run the Client-Server.bat


In short, the server starts, loading your config, then (you) the client connects to it locally.

And you're in game!






Adjust your config as needed.

Right now it just hosts Doom2 locally. ~ though you could set it up to host a game over the net if wanted.


Episode 1 is required even though it's Doom2.


DM 1

No Monsters

Skill 3

You get the idea..


I'v tried just running Doomsday.exe -game doom2 -p mycfg.cfg

But it (the client, Doomsday) doesn't seem to want to load the cfg by its self so the above is the alternative..


Another alternative is using Doom Connector. :)


oh btw if you decide to actually host a game to the net, you'll need to forward a port:

13209 is the default, so..

net-ip-port 13209

would need to be added to the cfg.






Edited by Mr.Rocket : fixed typos.. :\

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Ah, here we are some months later and just realized I never actually answered your question heh, until now..


Well, still.. by using the method above with a config and batch file.

Once done creating that and testing, it's just a matter of creating a "non-steam" shortcut as they call it, to the .bat file from within Steam and running it from there. :)




Edited by Mr.Rocket

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You can go into the game files (right click on the game -> "Properties" -> "Local Files" -> "Browse local files"), delete/backup/rename the DosBox executable and rename ZDL to "dosbox". Works like a charm with a minor inconvenience of having to delete DosBox launch arguments from the mod list every time. Tried changing the launch via SteamEdit, but it brought about a different and less tolerable set of tiny annoyances, would not recommend.

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Other than the batch file setup I have up there, I do strongly suggest using Doom Connector as a good alternative..Although I've only added support for Doom2 in the Doomsday game dll so far, for Doom Connector. I plan to update it soon to support the rest of the IWADs Doomsday is able to use.


I assume ZDL is the only other launcher besides the one that is built into Doomsday now days? ~ I haven't looked around much.

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9 hours ago, Mr.Rocket said:

I assume ZDL is the only other launcher besides the one that is built into Doomsday now days?

Doom Explorer supports Doomsday, as well as other ports - allow to start any pwads, select skill, map etc - any parameters supported by command line, and also save/load configurations

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@bond That looks like what I may need, thanks!

@Mr.Rocket Also no, ZDL doesn't recognize Doomsday, it will launch Crispy Doom, Eternity and GZDoom from what I've tried but not DEngine.

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Holy cow, how could I have forgot about Doom Explorer!

I'll have to see how it goes about scanning for chocolate doom servers. I'd imagine the protocol is really different.

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