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Aliens Vendetta Map 20

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Hi guys. I've been playing this WAD these days and just finished this map. Got absolutely stunned on how perfect it is. Inmediatly after I beat it I went to YT to see how speedrunners UV-max it and in how much time (whenever I like a map this much I get curious on how speedrunners work on those). It took me by surprise that there was an additional area that I didnt see. On my version (using gzdoom) I encountered this door. Am I playing an "outdated" version of the wad or something? Thanks! 


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Do not use avmovfix.wad. This is a truncated version of the level, made because the full version was too resource-greedy for demos back in the day. I feel like this issue should have a disclaimer added in the file download page to be honest.

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When downloading Alien Vendetta you should have had a zip containing av.wad and avmovfix.wad.
av.wad is the normal game and the only one to open with gzdoom.

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