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Dos source ports at 800x600?

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I just got myself a toshiba 440CDT laptop for DOS gaming.  The screen is 800x600. I was hoping someone would suggest what the best DOS source port is.  Preferably one that runes at higher resolutions.  I would not like to waist the time trying them all out.  Non of the literature about them mentions higher resolutions.  Thanks.

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I'm not sure if there's any DOS port that goes up to that high of a resolution.  The general "best" port for DOS is probably this version of MBF but bear in mind that a lot of more recent "Boom compatible" WADs won't actually run on it.  Judging by the initial post in the thread it only goes up to 640x400.


If you have Windows 9x installed, some of the early ZDoom versions could be an option.

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pretty sure 640x400 is probably the best youre gonna get in terms of DOS ports

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DoomLegacy still has the DOS port code, and it will play at 800x600 (it can use any VESA mode it can find).

However it has not been tested lately.  Although I have tried to keep the DOS port up to date, I don't have compiler on DOS to test it.  There have been at least 700 patches to DoomLegacy in the mean time.   I guess about 20 of them modified the DOS port code.

The difficulties would be.

1. Finding a compiler that runs on DOS  (djgppdos)

2. Debugging the compile (typos) and maybe debugging the execution too.

3. Need Allegro for sound


I keep hoping that sooner or later I am going to find someone who has enough time (and a DOS compile environment)...


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