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DOOM II: Hell on Earth (PC) Review - Heavy Metal Gamer Show

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10 minutes ago, KVELLER said:

He said I.D. Software!!! BURN HIM!


Haha! That's recently become a "pet peeve" of mine so to speak. I often hear it pronounced as "I.D." or even typed in capitalized letters but i'm pretty sure its just "id Software" with only the "S" capitalized. I mean, even the Wikipedia page states the basic info on the company as well as how to pronounce the name and everyone knows Wikipedia is always correct. *wink*

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On 2/22/2019 at 6:37 PM, ketmar said:

the usual "broken aspect ratio" video. sigh.

Yeah, I told him that too in the comments in his other videos. It drives me crazy!

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Lol, on a semi-related note I used to 'know' this guy. He, me, among others hailed from an old and now decrepit forum for Manhunt. I last spoke to him in 2012. Fast forward to I think last year maybe? I found out that he had a YT show because of a comment I saw from him on twitter. Kinda funny. Before that he was just some rando making low quality YT gaming videos in 2010. I never watched his content for this, though. Figured it was me-too and generic, and that he'd probably get a lot of things wrong.

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