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Zdoom spawning 500 monsters script problem

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I'm having trouble creating a script that can spawn a total of 500 monsters (100 imps, 100 demons, 100 barons, 100, archviles, and 100 cacodemons) at any given location in my map. I know i'm making it seem harder than it should be.


Thanks you!

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How are you trying to spawn them? All at once, one at a time, by bunches? There are different ways to do it depending on what you want to do.

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Here's a dumb example that shows one way to do it. It should be relatively easy to modify, if e.g. you want all monsters of a same type to spawn at the same place, this is easily done I think.


Note that if you have several spots with the relevant TID, then a monster will spawn at each of them, which will screw up the count.


I've commented the script and didn't use any feature excessively advanced, so it should work with pretty much anything that can run ZDoom ACS. The HUD message is there just to check that it works and you don't have to keep it.


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