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Gameplay mods that enhanced vanilla?

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I'm looking for some gameplay mods that don't stray too far from vanilla (like BD) but really just enhanced it, like Beautiful Doom. Sorry if that's kinda vague.

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10 minutes ago, Repugnus said:

You're looking for Smooth Doom, my dude. 


I've tried SD. It's certainly nice looking, but it's doesn't change the gameplay enough. It just makes it look better. I'm looking for something that is like, vanilla Doom, but beefs it up a bit.


6 minutes ago, Tango said:

I think Dead Marine by @Gifty (who also did Smooth Doom) could likely fit what you're looking for too!

That one is pretty nice, but the screen shake is too much.

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4 hours ago, Bryan T said:

EVP, smooth doom and beautiful doom are 3 "Gameplay mods that enhanced vanilla".  You might want to change your topic title if that's not what you're looking for.

"beefs it up a bit" isn't clear enough what you're looking for. 


Try here https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=60112

Yeah. Sorry. I'm having a hard time putting it into words. Like something that makes the weapons more satisfying and bulky.

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