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Awful WAD you recently played

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Laura Beyer's Doom

I remember I accidentally found the demo of this back in the times in a Doom levels collection CD-Rom and I was quite impressed by the haunted house and new textures. Later on I read the controversy about it, basically selling it for 20$. And I tried to see the complete episode.


God, it's awful! Design is garish, things or walls are on the air, what is this? That demo level was good (and now I am thinking it, maybe not much, there were some ugly stuff in there too, oh btw I realized the balls on the pool table are actual stimpacks, you can clear that table if you are low on health :)

One or two levels are kinda interesting in the visual design, I like how it uses the cave transparent texture, sort of (less impressive now).




What's your awful WAD you recently played?

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