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HD Weapon Art Commissions?

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Hi, everyone.


I'm interested in commissioning artists (with real money) to do all new HD weapon sprites.  Daryn and I are working on a new megawad.  It's going to be a complete off-the-board 'Doom' experience.  We're kind of sticking with the UAC lineup of weapons, but we're redesigning many of them, too.  The premise is the UAC had a competitor.  The Tidus Triumvirate.  They copied much of the UAC's technology, teleportation, and weapons, and began modifying the latter.  It promises to be pretty interesting.


All of the weapons will have an alt fire.  They are as follows:


Pistol - machine pistol

Shotgun - under-barrel grenade-launcher

Rocket launcher - Homing rocket

Plasma rifle - homing high-powered plasma shot.


What we're needing is a HD remake of the shotgun with an under-barrel grenade-launcher.  I am also wanting to completely redesign the plasma rifle.  We also have plans to completely replace the BFG with something else.  We're not sure with what yet, but it is in the planning.


Any good weapon artists who are interested, please inquire.  This is a serious project we're undertaking, one I am willing to spend some money on to get it the way we want it.

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I'm not sure if this is kind of what you are searching, nor if it's going to work as depends of the user I'm talking about, but I saw a post of Nootrac4571 where he did kind of an HD sprite of the BFG9000 with a the toy that was used originally.


Here's the post: 


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