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GZDoom: How to show a message upon using/activating a Thing?


I have an actor representing a sign and I'd like to display some text for a short time after the player presses use while looking at the sign. How can I accomplish this with GZDoom?

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Oh hold up I've answered my own question.


In my DECORATE lump:

actor Metal_Sign 10360
    Height 32
    Radius 32
		    SGN0 A -1

My SCRIPTS lump:

#include "zcommon.acs"

script "Sign_Route_101" ENTER {
	Print(s:"Route 101\nNorth to Mauville");

script "Sign_Seaside_Cycling" ENTER {
	Print(s:"Seaside Cycling Road");

My Thing properties:




Works great. Bumping or using the sign Thing displays the message exactly as I was hoping for.


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Here is one way to do it:

class m8f_hn_Sign : Actor

    Health 30;
    Height 10;
    Radius  3;
    Tag "Sign";

      HNWS B -1;

  override bool Used(Actor user)
    user.A_Print("Your text");
    return true;

} // m8f_hn_Sign

This is the simplified sign from one of my mods.

This is a working sign mod. You can summon it with

summon m8f_hn_sign

console command.



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