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How to find the time of the last level in a demo?

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Ya the end of Chex quest doesn't show intermission afaik. One option is to turn on advanced HUD in prboom+ to show the in game time on the screen and just watch the clock at the end.

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Prboom-plus -iwad chex -deh chex.deh -playdemo yourdemo -skipsec -1 -levelstat


I'm not familiar with Chex Quest, but you put your -iwad or -file the same way as you put them when playing. i just quickly read the choco wiki article


-skipsec -1 is only there so you don't have to watch the entire demo


-levelstat is what is important here. It creates a file levelstat.txt which should list the times of all the levels completed


Hope it works as I cannot check myself ATM


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I believe Chex quest doesn't output levelstat for the last map but I'm not sure 100%. Didn't know you could send negative times to skipsec though, that's a nice trick.

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If their suggested solutions(which is the simplest way with a DOOM/Boom-compatible demo format) doesn't work, you can use one of the demo parsing tools like Boom-LMPC to get the exact time.

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