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What is your Doom canon?

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On 9/16/2019 at 3:52 PM, Job said:


No, they are not the same BFG9000, LOL


of course they are


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Doom is an alternate universe where B.J. gets isekai'd to after dying to the nazi's heroically. 

He gets isekai'd again in the end episode one for some reason. lol

as for the order of the games

Wolfenstein (B.J. dies)
Doom 2
No rest for the living
Doom 64
Doom 2016
Doom Eternal


Doom 3 is another universe.

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I've only really played Classic Doom, but my canonical interpretation is very simple... the classic games use the same engine with the same face to represent Doomguy. Therefore, it is the same person.

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Old Dooms are boot. New Dooms are reboot. They are not connected. If they were it wouldn't be a reboot. It'd be the old boot with some new laces. All the tryna connect Keen and Wolfenstein to Doom is just lame. Let them stay separate. Doom is boot. Got reboot. Wolfenstein is sneaker. Keen is a flip flop or something. 

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