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What is your Doom canon?

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What is your canon for Doom? How are the games connected? Is the same Doomguy in every game? Is there more than 1 cyberdemon, mastermind and icon? I look forward to the discussion.

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I don't even know anymore I just kill demons.


That being said, my personal headcanon goes something like this:

  1. Ultimate Doom
  2. Doom II
  3. Doom 64
  4. Doom (2016) and Doom 3 concurrently
  5. I assume Doom Eternal will follow

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My canon is the following:

There are 2 doom guys. One is one the Phobos base and the other is one Mars. The 1st one plays through Doom 1(fighting through Phobos, Deimos and Hell) and the other one fights through a unshown mars base before entering Hell in Thy Flesh Consumed and then escaping to Earth in a dropship(as detailed in the Doom 2 manual). They both return to Earth to see that it has been over-run. They both fight across the infested Earth and repel the invasion. Later on, the 1st doomguy fights through Hell in Doom 64 before deciding to stay in Hell, becoming the doomslayer for Doom 2016. The 2nd doomguy is the marine in Doom 3. Final Doom/Master levels for doom 2 are non-canon and are just challenge maps.

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To me, Doom is all about shooting clay dolls and latex models with your toy guns.

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  • (Ultimate) Doom
  • Doom II
  • Doom 64
  • Doom 3 (in case NO-ONE noticed it's when they have found Doomguy's sarcophagus)
  • Doom (2016) (possibly in the same universe as Doom 3 and waaay later in time when they decided to open the sarcophagus)

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On 11/4/2018 at 6:20 AM, Doomkid said:

The character goes through a basic but awesome arc from d1 to d2 to d64 to d2016. A hardass marine who values justice over duty, as seen by him punching out a CO who ordered him to fire upon civilians, as a result he gets stuck with clean up duty on a mission that goes way worse than planned where he’s the only survivor, says “welp, shit, guess it’s up to me” and single handedly neutralises the threat from hell on Mars and it’s two moons, goes back to Earth, finds more demons, finds his pet rabbit dead, gets pissed and wreck’s hell’s shit once again, saves what’s left of humanity, helps to rebuild civilisation, then some stupid ass scientists are like “actually wait we can lern frum tha demins” and he’s like “ugh” and plunges headlong into the threat for the 3rd time, by the end he’s so familiar with hell/enraptured by hell and so far removed from who he once was that he fucking chooses to stay in hell and act as it’s gatekeeper but eventually he gets sealed away in the tomb, then he gets woken up and you can see the impact that living in hell has had on him, he’s pretty much a former human at this point, not to mention a killing machine. What a basic but badass arc for a character to go through in a 23 year timeline.


Doomslayer is just SSJ Doomguy. 


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Doomguy died at the end of e1 and everything afterward is his torture in hell for all eternity. 

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1. Doom.

2. Doom 2.

3. Final Doom.

4. Doom 64.

5. Doom 2016.

6. Doom Eternal.


Doom 3 in another universe.

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To me it goes like this:


Doom > Doom 2 > Doom 64


Then rebooted with Doom 3


Then rebooted yet again with Doom 2016 > Doom Eternal


I don't consider Final Doom as canonical.

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My Doom cannon? * cracks knuckles *


Well you see Doom 1 starts on Phobos, Doomguy dies at the end of episode 1 so he can visit Diemos that was sucked into Hell as it was being merged. Then travels to Hell. Then wins. Victory is his. I assume he finds a way back to the land of the living.


Doomguy returns to Earth where Earth too has been taken over. In time he then destroys the Icon of Sin, the mastermind behind it all. There's just one problem... that doesn't put the world back as it was. The world was still consumed. In time and idclip, Doomguy realizes that John Romero was behind it all. John Romero is the Icon of Sin as proven by his head inside the Icon of Sin. Here's the problem... Doomguy is actually John Romero as John has stated during interviews. Doomguy knows that Doomguy is John Romero, but he's also the Icon of Sin.


With Icon of Sin dead and Earth still in chaos, Doomguy goes back in time via secret levels to the Wolfenstien era to search for his own father as a child and murder him. As specified in Doom RPG lore, Commander Keen is Doomguy's father. If there is no Commander Keen to father Doomguy, there is no Icon of Sin and the Earth's future will be saved.


All of this cannon makes sense as John Carmack once put secrets into Wolfenstien 3D and didn't tell anyone. He waited for his coworkers to find them. For anyone that doesn't feel there's a story in Doom, there's a rich story in Doom 1 and Doom 2 you just need to be bored enough on a forum to explain it to people.


Doom still happens in Doom 3 as Betruger is Betruger. While the Doom 3 marine isn't Doomguy, he's still a Doomguy.


Doom 4 happens after Doom 3. UAC harnessed Hell technology that was introduced in the Doom 3 timeline.

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Blazkowicz... Flynn Taggart... Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as "Sarge" (just kidding)... who knows?


For what I've read (and what I feel/think) the protagosnit from Ultimate Doom / Doom 2 / Final Doom (although Final Doom's story is kind of bullshit, but is supposed to be the same because it happened after Doom 2 if I recall correctly and he was like the only one who could stop Hell's invasion from another planet or something) is the same; or maybe not, I don't even know anymore and at this point I don't care that much either.


Doom64's Doomguy for some reason feels to be a totally different guy. Probably because the story is kind of really different with all the different feeling of the setting with the Unmaker and Mother Demon.


Doom 3's Doomguy... no fucking clue. And I don't even care.


Doom (2016)'s Doomguy also seems to be another Doomguy. I don't really know if any of the games are connected, at least with the same protagonist. He awakes from a tomb so... it's hard to believe that he is the same of any other game... Also they added too much background story to it, but then again that may confirm that he can actually be one of the previous Doomguy's as some kind of long time/eternity has supposed to already have happened while he was fighting Hell's hordes (or the Doomslayer's testament are rather a future prophecy than an actual Infernal historical registry?).


About Cyberdemons and stuff... I remember a part of the game Wolfenstein RPG for mobile phones where you fight a Demon called the Harbinger or something that was just like a Cyberdemon but without any metal part attached to it (obviously, no rocket launcher), and when defeated he would scream something like "Ahh! Blazkowicz! Your descendants will pay for this!". So I guess one of the Cyberdemon should be a mechanized version of his body.

Not totally sure if I would say it's E2M8's Cyberdemon: for one part I feel that, as the sprites were really similar, it must be one of the iconical Cyberdemons from the original Doom games, and with that being the case, I would say E2M8 is the most iconical of all classic Doom's Cyberdemon as it's the first and most real encounter of it. Once defeated a text shows up speaking of how he ruled hordes of hell towards an invasion and well, you know the story... Others Cyberdemons appearing after that point... I would say they are copies just for making a fun level, heh. On the other hand, I wouldn't say that it necessarily is E2M8's Cyberdemon as it would be too connected storywise and you then should totally assume that Doomguy is one of Blazkowicz descendants (which may be true but then again not sure how truly confirmed is that information).


I don't have much to say about SpiderMasterminds to be honest... I just find weird that E3M8 and E4M8 both have them as final bosses.

I don't ask for Id to have implemented a new boss instead for E4M8 but to put another Spider? I would prefer a giant horde of demons in a cool portal-like designed map where they respawn and you have to get through the portal or some kind of gameplay like that (honestly sounds similar to Doom II's final boss but without the portal).

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I like to think that Doomguy is actually dead from the beginning, having died during the initial invasion or at the end of E1M8. What we experience through his eyes is his personal purgatory.

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As is commonly accepted fact, you can't discuss the Doom canon without delving into the Commander Keen mythos, and you can't delve into the Commander Keen mythos without plunging into the Wolfenstein lore.



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For me it is:


1. Doom

2. Doom 2

3. Doom 64

4. Doom 2016

5. Doom Eternal


Doom 3 belongs to a completely different/parallel universe.

I don't consider Final Doom as canonical as it was just 2 community megawads commercialized.


And now here is something (a rant) where some people might even hate me. Please forgive me.

I absolutely loathe/cringe at the idea of Doomguy/Doomslayer being a descendant of B.J. Blazkowicz. Now don't get me wrong, I like B.J. but why the hell do Doom and Wolfenstein have to be the same universe. They should be completely different universes IMHO.


And things don't end here. As Revenant100 posted, Commander Keen is shoved into this universe too. I may forgive Wolfenstein and Doom being the same universe, but why Keen?? OH GOD WHY?? NOOOOOOOOOO




Keen franchise has absolutely nothing (and I mean NOTHING) in common with Doom.


BUT for some reason, Keen is Doomguy's father. Imagine Keen saying this to Doomguy.



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Doom and Wolf being in the same universe makes sense for Wolfenstein tbh, because it can kinda help explain the supernatural aspect of Wolf.


Not to mention the Wolfenstein and Grosse levels in D2

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Pre-Doom 1: Doomguy works at the UAC, he is having a boring, but good job there.


Doom 1: Doomguy gets kicked away to space because he shot his boss, there the invasion occurs and he kicks butt for the entirety of E1. Then in E1M8 he dies in the teleported but is resurrected for E2. Proceeds to kick butt until the end of E3 where hell started to get scared of him and sent him to earth.


Doom 2: Doomguy arrives on earth and discovers that it's overrun by stupid demons and he has to do it all over again. Kills the big bad monster stuck in a wall and wrecked hell itself. All is good, yay!


Maybe Final Doom: Stuff happens in Final Doom, which may or may not be canon.


Doom 64: After surviving the invasion with quite a few injuries, Doomguy thinks he is safe. Except he isn't, and it is discovered that Mars is now filled with demons because he only was on the moon bases, so obviously something had to survive. The mother demon brought back a ton of ugly monsters and now Doomguy kicks their butts once again, with slightly upgraded armor, and he stays in that wrecked dimension this time around, just so this doesn't happen again.


In the meantime: Doomguy met some magic beings who augmented his power and armor, to help him in his very long fight in there. He even got a sword! But then he gets trapped in a sarcophagus because the demons had a trap for him.


Doom 3: Betruger does bad stuff and monsters come in, some guy who just arrived at the UAC needs to kill them. Doomguy was still in Hell, so he only has a short cameo in the sarcophagus easter egg near the end of the game.


Doom 3 RoE: Another marine squad is investigating mars, an Artifact is found and awakens an evil force, now another marine has to go kill Betruger. He does it and dies, now he is in heaven for sacrificing himself to save humanity. (either that or he is awaiting judgement and see where he goes)


Doom 2016: UAC messed up once again and brought them back and they found the sarcophagus in which Doomguy was trapped in. He's freaking mad this time around, so he wrecks every monster alive yet again but Samuel Hayden wanted him out of the way, and so he trapped him and sent him off elsewhere.


Doom Eternal: I can't see the future!


Doom RPG 1 and 2: Don't know where they would fit, maybe after all these events?

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I remember finishing Thy Flesh Consumed when I was probably about 6 or 7 and excitedly telling my dad that the entirety of Doom occurred all because they killed his rabbit Daisy. I was flexing my doom backstory knowledge on him. I thought I had it all figured out.

So pretty much that. Lol.

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Doom (Episode 1-3): DOOMGUY goes too the moon base with the demons and all his buddies die leaving him the only survivor. Kills all the demons then dies and goes too hell.

Fucks hell so hard they kick him out of hell and put him back on Earth. (Episode 4)The demons invade Earth using the same portal DOOMGUY used and kill a lot of humans and DOOMGUY's pet rabbit. He runs through the ruins of city's and towns killing demons along the way till he gets to a sanctuary for humans.


DOOM2: DOOMGUY starts helping humans evacuate earth but the largest space transporter has been taken over by Demons. DOOMGUY and some other humans make their way there but everyone starts dropping like fly's leaving DOOMGUY the only survivor(again). He makes it too the transporter and saves the remaining humans on Earth (yah!) But now he needs to get all the Demons off Earth. He heads too his home town to close the Portal too Hell (which is where all the Demons are coming from)

When he get's there he has too face off against the Icon on sin too close the portal. AFTER THAT All the Demons fuck off and leave Earth alone, but as punisment for invading Earth DOOMGUY Stays in Hell and kill's Demons for as long as he can.


DOOM64: A Marine is sent too the original Moon base too clear out all the Demons and collect assets for a reforming U.A.C.


DOOM3 : A Marine is stationed on a Mars U.A.C base but things quickly go too shit when another hell portal opens leaving the U.A.C base in panic. No that is matters because the Marine kills everything then goes too hell after learning that some asshole working at the base started working with the Demons and was the only reason any of this happened. So the Marine closes the Hell Portal kills like 99% of the Demons on Mars. Then people from Earth come and rescue those the haven't died in the attack. Including the Marine.


DOOM (4): A bucha' assholes on Mars called Argent Energy are harvesting Hell Energy for the benefit of man kind as well as some other shit that they shouldn't be doing. A expedition Team find a tomb containing the DOOMGUY. (It's most likely been hundreds of years sense the Events of DOOM) DOOMGUY was blessed by some God to be somewhat Immortal so he Could kill Demons forever. Anyways everything goes too shit again then DOOMGUY wakes up from his tomb and starts ripping and tearing Demons. He's also pissed at the Administrator of Argent Energy Samuel Hayden for tinkering with Hell. So he goes around destroying all their stuff. Then DOOMGUY needs too shut off the hell portal so he collects the power from something in Hell called the Wells. He does that, gets a cool sword and kills the person responsible for making a deal with the Devil Olivia Pierce (turned into the spider mastermind (very fitting)) Then DOOMGUY get's transported back too Mars and Samuel Hayden takes his sword and says "u gay bitch" then sends him somewhere.



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Doom 1 > Doom 2 > Doom 64 > Doom 2016 > Doom Eternal


Id just needs to confirm that Nu-Doom continues from Doom 64 already.

Doom 3 is a remake of 1. Idk where I'd fit Plutonia and TNT. I'd rather consider them non canon since the aformentioned continuity is so perfect for me. And the idea of Doom guy surviving through more than 2 demonic invasions every other week prior to eventually becoming the Slayer sounds corny to me.

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The Plutonia Experiment: Prequel.  Yeah.  Figure that one out.

Doom: Canon, up through E3.  Duh.

Hell on Earth: Canon, though Hell doesn't start until The Spirit World.  MAP21-17?  Just caverns.

No Rest For the Living: Canon.  Earth's still a wreck, and Hell doesn't give up that easily.

Doom 64: Canon.  Get yer ass back to Phobos and finish the job.  Make sure no demon ever rises again.

DOOM (2016): Canon.  Like, main series canon.  Guess Hell had enough of your shit and dropped a tower on you.  Because why not.  Walk it off, you've still got a job to do.


Thy Flesh Consumed: Not canon.  That's not to say I don't like it.  Just doesn't flow into Doom 2 very well.

TNT: Not canon.  Sorry, "Doomguy goes for a walk and comes back and now there's demons" doesn't cut it for me.

Doom 3 & Resurrection of Evil: Definitely not canon.  No reason other than "It doesn't work in my head."

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The Ultimate Doom: The original nightmare, from Mars to Hell and back to Earth.

Doom II: The battle was won on Mars, but the war has begun on Earth.

No Rest for the Living: Icon's destroyed, but there's still cleanup to do.

Doom 64: A powerful demon reanimates the demons at the decrepit base installation on Mars, summoning the marine to a final confrontation in Hell.

Doom '16: The marine returns from Hell where he once sought to stay, now more slayer than man.

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I take a more Marvel-esque approach to it all ...


Universe A: Ultimate Doom (episode 4 doesn't really fit, but I view it as a side-mission) -> Doom II (just some marine)

Universe B: Doom 64 (just a marine); but only separated from A since it's so visually different and a platform I never owned

Universe C: Doom3 -> Doom3 RE (just a marine)

Universe D: Doom (20160) -> Doom Eternal (I couldn't really get into its story as it seemed just overly convoluted by the end but I kind of view the Doom Slayer as formally mortal, becoming the immortal, eternal bane of Hell)




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