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the correct way to use weapons in doom 3.

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fists: use them when you just so happen to be close to a weak enemy. can one shot a Lost Soul.


flashlight: twice the damage as the fists, but slower. useful against maggots. (those two headed weak as freak dudes)


pistol: weaker than your fists. i tested. only useful against distant lost souls and only used out of complete boredom.


shotgun: used to one shot weak-middle range enemies.


machine gun: used for trites and ticks. don't use them for anything else.


chaingun: use it against strong enemies in close quarters like cacodemons and hell knights.


grenades: use it to set traps against enemies like the revenant.


plasma rifle: use it against possessed. does nothing against other enemies. maybe mancubi if you are low on rockets.


rocket launcher: useful against revanents and mancubi.


bfg 9000: save it for archviles and hell knights.


chainsaw: it's so over powered, that you won't use it much. no really. it's that powerful.

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Fists/Flashlight: too dangerous to use, avoid against you're out of ammo and have no chainsaw.

Pistol: useful for conserving ammo when facing against single opponents, or a small number of lost souls or trites.

Shotgun: it has very small range, but it's very powerful, and when used correctly can be super-effective, much more than one might think. To use it well, you need to learn how to run-and-gun with it (run to, fire, then quickly retreat), and also to learn how to headshot well with it. After some practice, you can quickly kill anything, ranging from groups of smaller enemies to Hell knights, possibly without even taking damage. It's also very useful as a corner weapon (stand near a doorway, wait until enemy runs in, headshot).

Machine gun: very useful against almost everything, but remember that it doesn't kill enemies too quickly, so you should always try to keep the distance!

Chain gun:  much more powerful, but less accurate than machine gun. If you need to fight in the close quarters, then use it instead of machine gun.

Grenades: if you hear there's an enemy around the corner, then use grenades to flush them out! You can also use them as a substitute to rocket launcher, because they explode on contact with the enemies, and do mostly the same damage.

Plasma gun: sorta an intermediate weapon between machine gun and chain gun, it does more damage than MG, but less than CG, it also has lower rate of fire than both of them. It has perfect accuracy, but its shots take some time to fly to the target. It's very useful against stationary opponents at long ranges. It's also super useful against revenants, because it easily destroys their rockets.

I suggest alternating between machine gun, chain gun and plasma gun depending on how much ammo you have for them. If you notice you have much more ammo, say, for chain gun, then better use it now then.

Rocket launcher: use against all powerful enemies (revenants, chain gun commandos, arch-viles, Hell knights, mancubi, bruisers), packed groups of smaller enemies, or even cacodemons, but remember to keep the range, of course!

BFG9000: same as rocket launcher, just more powerful, and the energy ball flies much slower than the rocket, which is why you shouldn't use it at long ranges. The biggest perk of this weapon is that you can pre-charge it and fire one powerful shot that can kill even a Hell knight with one hit.

Chainsaw: super-effective against regular zombies, a very powerful weapon overall, but using it with other enemies is a bit dangerous, but if you think you can take some health losses, then sure, why not.

Soul cube: certainly use against all the bigger enemies, because it insta-kills them and heals you. If you're low on health, you can also use it on a regular enemy to heal up. Also, do use them against the bosses, it won't insta-kill them, but it will do them a lot of damage, saving you from a lot of trouble.

RoE stuff:

Grabber: insta-kills forgotten ones, trites, cherubs, which is why it's the preferred weapon against them to conserve ammo. You can also use it to catch imp's/vulgar's fireballs and fire back at them (insta-kill)  to conserve ammo, but when used, it obstructs your vision, which is why it can be difficult to hit them back, so I don't really recommend it for these purposes.

Double barrel shotgun: immensely useful. Twice as powerful as shotgun, but with longer reload between each shot. It pretty much makes the regular shotgun obsolete, IMO, once you find it.

Artifact: if you are in a tricky situation (lots of enemies are at you and/or you're low on health), then you use it, it will help! If you have Berserk power, then you can use weak weapons with it to conserve ammo for the stronger weapons.

Foof, that's it, I guess!

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heres the thing. youre supposed to use a weapon that can easily take out an enemy without wasting ammo. for example, the only time the machinegun is needed is when youre against trites or ticks. the plasmagun is only used against posessed and mancubi because you dont have shotgun shells or rockets. its basically used to save ammo. basically, the only effective strategy is to use what weapon uses the least ammo to kill an enemy without being a waste.

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Double barrel shotgun is very useful against Hell knights, able to kill them in 3 or 4 shots. Chainsaw is very useful against weak melee Zombies.


Anyways Doom 3 showers you with mg clips, shotgun shells and plasma cells so there's almost no point in trying to save ammo for those weapons. I found the Plasma gun useful against Revenants. Pistol is also quite useful against Lost souls and surprisingly does more damage to them than the MG (or maybe that's just me imagining things?) Plasma gun and Chaingun are also very effective against Mancubi because it stuns them. on Veteran I use Rocket Launcher very often against Chaingun Commandos and Archviles because I want to get rid of them as fast as I can. BFG and Soul Cube against Hell knights ad Archviles aswell.

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Plasmagun shots are extremely slow and large. It's not fun to fire them, but they last longer in midair and have more chances to hit revenant's rockets, projectiles of macubi and small enemies (lost souls, trites, cherubs).

Chainsaw is also surprisingly good against teleporting wraiths, cacodemons, chainsaw zombies and solitary tentacle zombies.

3 hours ago, tempdecal.wad said:

Double barrel shotgun is very useful against Hell knights, able to kill them in 3 or 4 shots.

4 shots are already enough for ordinary shotgun. When I don't have SSG, it's more fun to use shotgun to take down almost any enemy except for chaingunners, mancubi, bruisers and small ones. The key is movement and aggressive pushing forward.

Edited by Boilers!

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Plasma gun can do the job of Chaingun in close combat situations as it can easily destroy incoming projectiles and also slow down monsters.


I never bother to use the Chainsaw outside clearing corridors of melee Zombies because it's often easier and less risky to just run close to the monsters and hit them twice with the shotgun. Later replaced by the DBS in the case of ROE. Also ordinary shotgun takes far more shots to kill Hell knights.

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1 hour ago, tempdecal.wad said:

Also ordinary shotgun takes far more shots to kill Hell knights. 

The wiki states 13 pellets with damage of 14 hp per shell. The damage is doubled for hitting head, providing totally 1456 hp for 4 shots. HK health is 900 HP. By no means default spread will let all pellets hit even HK, moreover it's head, but 556 HP of mistake space usually is enough.
I've just reinstalled Doom 3 and checked it out. Although the pair from delta4, unlike the ones from hell and site3, seems to be more resistant.

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Soul Cube:Needed only at the end, otherwise makes the game too easy.


Artifact:Needed only at the begining, otherwise makes the game too easy.

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