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Berserk in Brutal Doom is too weak

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The Berserk mode in Brutal doom v21 is too weak,  for example a Baron Of Hell can easily take me down with Berserk on where as in Project Brutality I can punch a lot faster and can put them in a pain state in one kick and can take them down quickly.  Is there any way I can adjust the punch speed and the pain chances of Barons and Hell Knight's in Brutal Doom so they are the same as Project Brutality?  I'd just play Project Brutality but it's laggy compared to Brutal Doom. 

What's the point of being in Berserk if I can still get my ass kicked?....  

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I think if you personally modify the .wad or .pk3 you can change that but you may not be able to play online anymore with other people as your files differs from the ones being hosted (default ones), although I'm not sure how much difference can be tolerated between the hosted packages and your modified ones to be able or not able to play online.


In my opinion (although I'm not sure if I've played the exact same Brutal Doom; I've played many versions so I can't quite tell) in Brutal Doom all of the weapons seems more overpowered in comparison to the original balance (at least the pistol which sometimes is whether a rifle or a pistol with quicker shots, other weapons I'm not sure) and I usually felt that there was too much advantage for the player. The monsters' attacks were cooler and all but never felt that they balance the advantage the player has. In one of the older versions I recall the nightmare mode was extremely easy because there was no respawn. After that, they implemented some more difficulty levels like Realism mode or something that were actually pretty good: no respawn but the monster's damage and speed could balance the player's advantage of the rifle and grenades and stuff pretty well. Like almost anything could one-shot you. Zombiemen could kill you like in 3 shots. Imps with 1 fireball and stuff...


For what I recall, with all the rip and tear fatalities/glory kills you could do to demons and stuff, Berserk wasn't bad at all. Maybe you should practice how to punch correctly, timing enemies projectiles and dodging them.

Even if it was weak, I wouldn't care because the advantage the player has is already too damn big. Even more, being that the case you wouldn't even need to use Berserk. You could take on any demon horde with the right amount of ammo and voilà!


And most of all, why the heck would you try to punch a Baron? Shoot it until it dies!

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