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What do we know about the DOOM demons?

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Hello everyone, this is my first serious topic in a forum, I have no idea if this issue has already been developed by another user on this or another platform, if that is the case, please let me know.
apart from that, this will help me get into this community so great, it should be stressed that I'm not a veteran of doom, I already knew the game for years but it was 3 years ago when I really liked it, and in fact this is the first Once I'm inside a community.

Once clarified the above I want to share some questions and curiosities about the enemies of DOOM

(If you feel like it, you could leave your own hypothesis and interesting questions about the enemies)

This was the question that inspired me to open this topic and it is about that pile of rotten metal and bones: The Revenant

my first impression when I saw the revenant was: oh, a skeleton ... human?

So begins this question, which was before the revenant? because we are told that it is the eternal resurrection of a dead demon, but which of all we have seen? I would say by stature that he was an archvile, but in fact I doubt it.
a baron? his anatomy does not match.
the IMP? it would happen the same as with the baron, but, remember something !, if they played "Resistance Fall of men" they will know that the hybrids when they are about to finish their life cycle, become a grayjack.
I would say something similar happens to the IMPs,
but they will say that the most obvious thing about the revenant is the human skull they have, I already mentioned it, but a human does not think it is a revenant, since the skull of the 2016 doom revenant is not human, apart from that the description of the revenant says it is a demon. I would like to know what you think about this question!

Another question a little less important is: what is the military rank of the Zombieman?

It's not a marine,
evident is not a sargueant, commando or special operations

I would say maybe it's something like military police, what do you think about that?

and the list goes on!

the arachnotron, is it really a demon or is it an alien? because in DOOM 2 when we liberate the human race from the earth we are mentioned something about carnivorous mutants, evil spirits and alien monsters,

I know what they say, and the mother?
the spider DEMON!
It's a good argument but, I do not seem at all "demonic".

I can think of more questions but I do not want to do this longer.

please if you have something in mind, do not hesitate to comment!

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I've came up with the following "backstories" for each enemy:


The zombies are controlled by evil souls consisting of thugs, robbers, arsonists, murderers, rapists and such.

Imps are the hellish natives raised in the endless spiked valleys of mischief.

Demons are spawned of negative energy based on emotions such as fear, frustration, rage, etc.

Lost Souls are the ghosts of Purgatory condemned for abandonment, lack of faith, suicide, etc.

Pain Elementals are multiple Lost Souls merged into a cloud of pain, like a hellish rat king.

Revenants are human skeletons resurrected and enlarged by dark energy.

Mancubi were human zombies experimented with cybernetics and dark energy. A Hell's attempt to create twisted supersoldiers.

Knights and Barons are spirits of corrupted warriors and lords, respectively.

Arch-Viles are the ancient elite of Hell that are the very coalescence of evil source.

Cyberdemon is related to Barons. The chosen warrior and general of the Hell invasion.

Spiderdemon and Arachnotrons are aliens from another dimension moved to Hell by corrupting their technology and mind powers. The Spiderdemon was the one responsible of linking the gateway of Hell in the UAC teleportation incident.

The Wolfenstein SS are ghosts doomed to patrol the prison of Castle Wolfenstein in their special pocket of Hell for eternity. Only to be killed again by Doomguy.

And the Cacodemon is a tomato.

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About the Revenant:

Looking at the Doom Wiki, I read the phrase describing the Revenant from the Doom manual that you mentioned:


Apparently when a demon dies, they pick him up, dust him off, wire him some combat gear, and send him back into battle. No rest for the wicked, eh? You wish your missiles did what his can do.

I've read and I know most of these describing phrases that appear on the Doom manual but I usually don't take them too seriously or literal as they are kind of a familiar way to describe all of the monsters.

In fact, I didn't even take seriously the part of picking up a dead demon, put him in combat gear and send him back to battle. For me it's just a "funny" way to describe and explain that the Revenant is a spooky scary skeleton with an armor with missile launchers equipped.


But on the trivia of the Doom 2016's Revenant it appears:


Unlike the Revenants of Doom II, which where created by demons using corpses from previously killed demons, the new Revenants are created by the UAC from volunteers.

So it appears that, at least in classic Dooms, Revenants are actually dead demons in combat armors.

Now, even with that info, I kinda believe is not any demon from the previous already known. It may be refering to just ordinary demons from Hell. There must be plenty of them down there, maybe they used to be weak and without much flesh or muscles compared to Barons, Hell Knights, Mancubi, Demons, etc; so the addition of a combat gear with missile launchers is what they need to be prepared to fight.


If you wanna try to see the resemblance with other demons, then the most likely to be is a dead Archvile. Their bodies are similar in height and proportions. Both are really skinny and skeletal. The only difference there can be are their skulls probably. Apart from that, they are really similar.


Searching more info, you can find some more details that can help you out but are hard to tell if they can really be taken as accurate investigation info because it's mainly a matter of mere gameplay.

For example, apart from being hard that Revenants and Demons (Pinkies) are compatibles by looking at their bodies and possible skeletons, the Revenant has a more direct approach towards the player while the Demon uses to zig-zag instead.

Also, Revenants share the same pain sound clip with the Trooper or Imp. 

And unlike any other demon with melee and ranged attacks, the Revenant is the only one that have separate animations for each one (compared to Imp's, Cacodemon's, Baron's/Hell Knight's).


About the Zombiemen:

All of the Zombies or Former Human kind of have ranks, at least gameplay-wise. Zombieman alternative name is Former Trooper or Former Soldier so you kinda can conclude that he has/had a lower military rank. I don't know about military ranks so I'll say soldier or private or something like that.


After that comes the Shotgun Guy, also known as Former Sergeant, and from that alternative name well you can already know his military rank: sergeant.


Finally, we have Heavy Weapon Dude, also known as Former Commando. Again, I'm not familiar with military ranks, but it seems that Commando is one of the highest(?). I think that it may depend actually, at least in my country, as commandos may refer to a special unit soldier rather than a military rank.


About the Spider Mastermind and Arachnotrons:

Again, I don't take literal the manual phrases used to describe monsters.


Despite this...


You guess the Arachnotrons had to come from somewhere. Hi, mom. She doesn't have a plasma gun, so thank heaven for small favors. Instead, she has a super-chaingun. Crap.

...we have this...


It has since been confirmed that this comment is comic relief, and the genderless Spider Mastermind is not actually the biological mother of the Arachnotrons (this is evident in later levels where both monsters can be tricked by infighting).


And, about if the Spider Mastermind /Arachnotrons is/are alien/s or a demon/s... I can't really tell...

The alien part of Doom is rather because demons at first sight can be interpreted as aliens. After all, the game starts at Phobos and then Deimos, so the space atmosphere and military/technology advanced bases are a good science-fiction ambient for the game. But as you advance you encounter with Hell and discover that Hell is preparing an invasion through portals from Deimos to Phobos.


As for the appearance, they don't look like demons. They rather look like aliens as they are (giant) brains on a futuristic, yet rustic, metal "spider" mechanized body (although they have only 4 legs) so I can agree when you say it doesn't look demonic but then again, it's kind of a not conventional depiction of Hell. One that is kind of mind opening to be honest. I'm glad to know that Doom exists to give another representation of Hell that is extremely interesting despite the fact that one can think it's unlikely to be that way. But hey, why not?

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