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Array + SpawnSpotFacing + ScriptExecute


So I might be asking something that can't be fees-ably done in ACS (directly) but, is it possible for a group of enemies to spawn in via ACS AND execute a script once ALL of the enemies are dead if said enemies are randomly chosen from an array? I know it's possible to spawn in a bunch of enemies with a set ID but I'm not sure if there's a way to check if they're alive and/or  to give the actor the "ScriptExecute" function.

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If you give all the monsters in the group the same TID, you can check how many are still alive with ThingCount, with T_NONE and the first parameter (because you are not checking for a specific type of thing) and the TID as the second parameter.  You could spawn them and then do what you want to when they're all dead in the same script, which would be checking ThingCount in a loop until it is 0, and then continuing.  Remember to put a delay in that loop so you won't have a runaway script.

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