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Does SMAA not work or is that just me?

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It doesn't make a damn difference when I turn it on, same for FXAA. The other AA methods appear to have an effect, at the very least, but I hate how they blur the image. This problem appears to be an Id Tech 6 thing for me, as Wolfenstein II suffers from the same story, but the SMAA in Far Cry 5 works as intended from the looks of it.


I looked around about the issue, but there wasn't much on it, and what little there was involved conflicting reports with no solution. I posted in the r/Doom subreddit over 2 hours ago to see if someone could try to help me, but I've received complete radio silence thus far.


In case you want to lend a hand, here are my specs;


  • Windows 10
  • i7-4790K
  • 16 of RAM
  • GTX 970
  • GPU drivers are the latest version (version 419.17)
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I remember hearing years ago that if the game does stuff like deferred rendering, forcing AA simply doesn't work.


That said, I don't know if that applies to Doom 2016.

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