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Can't do anything in XDRE

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When I open XDRE, I can't do anything. I can't move to another tic, and I can't change settings or anything. All I can do is save, load, and exit.

What's causing this and how do I fix it

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Hmm, I work on a tutorial atm. 


XDRE 2.20 works on my Windows 10. I also used 2.18 because 2.20 didn't work


EDIT: 2.20 works on my Win10 now. 

Edited by rodster

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I assume xdre is working, so as mentioned in the readme:

Key config file:
%appdata% for windows users
$HOME/.xdre for linux users

for me that's C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\xdre.ini


that's your config, for example I have: NextTic=e
so I click in the upper right empty window and press "e" to advance the demo 1 tic

another example: RunFwd=w, I enter w50 and press space to enter a value of MF50 into the demo.

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16 hours ago, RadicalMacaroni said:

I got 2.20 working, but it has the same issue. It stays on the first tic and I can't change what tic I'm on.

Open XDRE.

Then click on the "Input" field.

Then type in 'i' without the quotation marks.


Does anything happen?

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Nah, that's not stupid. It is just needed to look at the readme and log fiels. I struggle as well sometimes! :)

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