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Favorite DOOM level.

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1 hour ago, Kristian Nebula said:

E1M8, E2M2, E3M4, E4M6... Soon we will know also the one for E5 ;)

Yeah, that's one episode that we'll start to consider....

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If I had to pick two per episode.

E1M2: Nuclear Plant
E1M7: Computer Station

E2M2: Containment Area
E2M7: Spawning Vats

E3M5: Mt. Erebus
E3M7: Limbo

E4M2: Perfect Hatred

E4M6: Against Thee Wickedly

It seems I like MAP02 and MAP07 a lot in D1.

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For me it's either E1M5 or E1M7. I love the dark atmosphere of both maps especially with the SB16 music.


If I had to pick one it'd be E1M5 for the nostalgia of being the first demo you see when you launch the game. One thing I hate about it though is the elevator behind the yellow door with all the monsters getting stuck in it. What were they thinking, or should I ask, what was he thinking?

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My favorite is Ep2, cause is between tech and hellish, and I like that mix.

Favorite map is E4M6: Against thee wickedly.


Btw, I don't recognize

E1M10: Sewers

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'E4M2: Perfect Hatred' is probably my favorite. 'E3M6: Mt. Erebus' is another of my favorites and I love Knee-Deep in the Dead as a whole.

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8 hours ago, RonLivingston said:

E2M2: Containment Area


E2M6: Halls of the Damned


E3M3: Pandemonium




E4M5: They Will Repent are my 4 favorite doom levels

We are kindred spirits, RonLivingston

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Episode 1: E1M5>E1M7>E1M1

Episode 2: E2M4>E2M6>E2M8

Episode 3: E3M4>E3M5>E3M9

Episode 4: E4M3>E4M4>E4M8

I have three favorite maps for each Episode and above I have listed which one I like over the other.

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If I HAD to pick only one...


Slough of Despair


But Containment Area is a very close second. I think it isn't first because I overplayed it.

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E4M1. I love how it immediately sets E4 up as being significantly more difficult than anything else by giving you a small map that is filled to the brim with barons and gives you the bare minimum ammo you need to take them out. Brilliant map. As for my favorite episode, I'm going with Knee Deep In The Dead just because of its iconic architecture and levels.

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Very tough decision. I guess I vote for the entire episode 4 if I had to keep just one.  

Otherwise,- favorite levels could be...


My top 5 in Doom:


E1M7 Computer Station

E3M5 Unholy Cathedral

E3M6 Mt Erebus

E4M2 Perfect Hatred

E4M6 Against Thee Wickedly


My Top 5 in Doom II


Map14  Inmost Dens

Map16  Suburbs

Map18  Courtyard

Map26  The Abandoned Mines

Map29  Living End





Top 10 mixed:


Black Tower 




River Styx

Lunar Mining Project


Odyssey of Noises


Temple of Darkness


Favorite Doom soundtrack (original) :


E1M5 (Suspense)

E1M8 (Sign of Evil)

E2M2 (The demons from Adrian's pen)




The worst ever-----


Club Doom... level and music...what the hell ?!

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14 hours ago, Hellbent said:

@Lila Feuer E3M5 is Unholy Cathedral. E3M6 is Mt. Erebus.

Yeah I flubbed it, I mix the two up when I want to warp to it to test something visually and end up warping to Erebus instead.

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