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GZDOOM Help getting HD Textures to run through folder instead of PK3

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Hi. I am working on an UltraHD Texture pack for Doom and I just noticed GZDoom performs better if the textures are in a folder instead of PK3's. My texture pack had 5 files one main PK3 and 4 game specific override PK3's. At the moment only the main file has been extracted into the TEXTURES folder. I was wondering if a GZDoom dev or someone that is in the know can let me know what subfolder names I need to use to get the game specific overrides to work using the textures folder instead of PK3's.

If I can get the whole pack to work from a TEXTURES folder it will make it much easier for people to get my pack to work, just extract the TEXTURES folder into GZDoom and done. This way people won't have to faff around with batch files to get the textures up and running as well as the performance gain they will get from the pack no longer being in compressed files. The subfolder structure used in the RISEN3D engine doesn't work in GZDoom and it means Doom 1, Plutonia and TNT use Doom 2 skies and the game specific textures don't show up after some faffing around I got doom 1 and 2 override's to work but the final doom overrides are still only working as PK3's.

I also posted this in the ZDoom forums and people suggested to place the textures in a FILTER folder, but none of the textures loaded when I used the structures they gave me.  Also, I tried to use the filter folder structure in a PK3 file and nothing loaded, either because the PK3 file was too big and GZDoom rejected it or I need to code a defs file (beyond my current ability). 

I can get the main textures and doom 1 and 2 overrides to work under this structure:

Main textures = GZDoom\Textures\
Doom 1 Overrides = GZDoom\Textures\Doom\Doom1\
Doom 2 Overrides = GZDoom\Textures\Doom\Doom2\


I can't get Plutonia or TNT overrides to work no matter what I try.  when using GZDoom\Filter\Hires\Textures or GZdoom\Filter\Hires or even GZDoom\Filter\Textures nothing loads.

Thanking in advance.


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