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Lost Plasmaplant music

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In the text file for Plasmaplant, @Soundblock has this to say about the custom music, or lack thereof:


Mmmm... no. Some reccommended companion pieces for the wad include Mark Klem's "Organic Gods" (I had this integrated into the wad during beta, which made the journey shorter), and/or these two mp3s:

http://old.thesixtyone.com/#/s/HL3meQ98vN8/ (a crazy chiptune with a Forbidden Forest vibe) and

http://www.mediafire.com/listen/86cptcip829bfjb/untitled.mp3, graciously provided by Ra02 of Doomworld.

If you would like a more quiet ambient backdrop to the carnage, though no less fitting for it - try sticking this on repeat:


Ultimately the map might be best played without music, as sound effects are somewhat key.

Since then, thesixtyone has gone under, and I was wondering if anyone happens to have one or both of the songs hosted there on their hard drive. I was planning to assemble all the suggestions into an addon wad where you could enter "changemus plas#" to apply whichever one you wanted. In the meantime, here's a version of that with everything I could find.


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How about including a MAPINFO in your add-on wad to specify which music goes with which map automatically?  Ports that don't use MAPINFO will simply ignore it, with no harm done.

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It's only one map with multiple music choices, and ports that don't use mapinfo can't play the original map anyway, because it was made for ZDoom.

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I had never before heard of Plasmaplant, so I didn't know.


Here's another idea: Make the songs be the music for the second map, third map and so on, so the player can IDMUS his way through the song selection without needing to know the lump names.

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