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Ultra-Crispy (25/07/19) - Blood GZDoom mod

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Let's set our minds back to 1871.


We all know the sad fate of the undead cowboy known as Caleb, main character of the Blood series and his thirst for vengeance, as he was betrayed by the dark god known as Tchernobog. 


When Tchernobog killed the Chosen, and among them, Caleb's beloved Ophelia, he knew Caleb would seek revenge more powerful than ever, many years later. But what if Tchernobog used his powers to banish him once and for all from that dimension? 


Caleb awakes in the middle of a demonic invasion on earth. But not that world he used to know. Things look too different. It's up to you to find some answers.

Or maybe, you could wake up on a Dark-fantasy themed scenario, a flemoid nightmare, or even, a dystopic cyberpunk themed world! The possibilities are on your hands.

Brief Instructions:



Some useful things to know:

1 - This mod works with Doom, Heretic, Hacx 2.0, Chex Quest and Hexen!
2 - You can dual wield almost EVERYTHING. Customize your bind key on Options!
3 - This mod doesn't replace monsters or custom blood. So, load up your favorites, and use the Extra menu to access the mod options without losing anything!
4 - All weapons (Except the machete) have altfires! Some are still unpolished, but feel free to give your ideas!
5 - Be sure to check the quit messages to find more gameplay-related tips and enhance your gameplay.
6 - Unfortunately this is not compatible with Zandronum! Sorry guys, i always try to make it linear, but it wasn't possible this time.



Regarding the choice of weapons:



This might not seem important to YOU as it is for ME.

Blood is known for having lots and lots of different guns, even more in Blood 2, because it has more characters avaiable to choose from. So the intent in this mod is to hit the counterparts from Blood to Doom right on the spot. I am DAMN sure there'll be a die hard fan which will bash me for not adding this or that, for saying that i should choose one instead of the other, because it's cooler, and all that jazz.

The problem isn't really adding the guns. The real thing is about the ammo pools, and the spots to spawn them. I always tend to calculate this based on Doom 2 or FreeDoom 2, because you are probably loading this mod on it. So PLEASE, understand i tried to join the best of both worlds with some custom ideas and tweaks to make your game more enjoyable. If i ever feel the game needs some oomph, i'll try to experiment with new toys. I always tend to go back to my mods, even if on a slow pace.






AS ALWAYS, it's good to remind people: I don't want to leave any names outta this. If i forgot you, or credited the wrong person, PLEASE, tell me and i'll update this list as soon as possible.

P.S.: Important thing to say: I am aware of the "Bloody Hands" add-on for Blood by Dude27th, but i haven't used ANY of his resources. I gathered MidoriMan (author of the Leather jacket) sleeve and terminusEst13's Hat to make the pieces of Caleb clothing by myself.


Special Thanks:

- CaptainJ
- TerminusEst13
- DabbingSquidward
- YukesVonFaust
- Black Rock Shooter
- Yholl
- Dzierzan
- Deii
- My Wife
- My Cat


For beta testing, attention and valuable feedback!


Sprites, code and sounds

- JMartinez2098
- potetobloke
- Iamcarrotmaster
- Dox778
- Mr•TypicalSF
- lost_acs
- Mryayayify
- Daarkon
- Benjamin Zuriel
- Mr. Enchanter
- Oberron
- Kinsie
- Bullet Rebel
- Vostyok
- Necronxxis

- MidoriMan
- CaptainJ
- CarbineDioxide
- Dzierzan
- Blox
- Mike12
- DBThanatos
- Necronxxis
- YukiHerz
- xenoxols
- Rolls
- TheRailgunner
- Xaser
- Uboa
- 3D Realms
- Pillowblaster
- Eriance
- TheZombieKiller
- Jimmy


- Killing Floor
- Fallout
- Midway (Mortal Kombat)
- Half Life
- Painkiller
- Max Payne
- F.E.A.R.


Most of these provided by TorridGristle or The Sounds Resource site.



Videos and more:


Small mentioning on Realm 667


Gameplay by Doomenator:



Legacy of Heroes + Ultra-Crispy recorded by deathmetalassassin:



Gameplay streaming recorded by TerminusEst13 during beta testing. May contain outdated content.



ZBlood first stage recorded by TheLightBad96:



A modified Ultra-Crispy compliation by TheLightBad96/TheThingThing:



MARV-ELLER showcased various Blood mods and one of them is Ultra-Crispy!



Requiem 1st map gameplay by elCreyo:



Iron Droog made a critical analysis on Ultra-Crispy (Russian Language):



A cool gameplay by Lezuum:



A cool gameplay by Metroid Junkie:







1897 Trenchgun

As our first add-on, here's a Trenchgun right out from 1897! It replaces the Jackhammer and must be loaded AFTER Ultra-Crispy. Currently it doesn't have an altfire.




erni945's music pack!

This pack made by erni945 gives Ultra-Crispy exactly what we need: Blood music! This patch contains all musics from Blood 1 and 2, from the most groovy to the most atmospheric, so, get this while you can.





Feel free to make add-ons, suggest fresh ideas, point bad stuff, good stuff, but play this to the maximum! I might have not suceeded in emulating the perfeccionism of Blood, but all i want is for people to feel good in this distorted vision i have of Caleb.





Edited by GAA1992 : Update

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3 hours ago, Doomenator said:

Нeh, I just yesterday made a small (as usually) video on my channel.

  Hide contents


Thanks Doomenator! I might as well glue this in both threads. :)

3 hours ago, Walter confetti said:

download link sends back to this thread!

Thank you! Fixed now.

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This mod is just so awesome! This is exactly what I've been looking for in a weapon mod as of late. Caleb's one liners are pretty awesome, the weapons feel like the Blood counterparts, this dramatically changes pacing in maps but in a good way.


I've been waiting on a Blood remake for a lifetime. First Blood GDX and now this, it's reason to believe there still is hope for this world. This is really best kind of mod in my honest opinion, thanks for making this!

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Thank you!


I feel very happy reading this :)

Self-bug reporting:


- Caleb can take damage and talk other things while getting a secondary pistol for the first time;
- Armors in Hexen doesn't have pickup sounds or brackets;


Nothing worth of a hotfix yet, but just to let it written that i am aware of those ;)

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As promised, here's another update!


This update adds some more sprite tweakes, more options of customization (you can turn the ringing noise from explosions off now), fixes small details and reworks completely TNT effects and the Jackhammer altfire, which now works like a Remote bomb, given we had a lack of one.


Download on first post and have fun!

Here's the changelog:


= Fixed messages and sounds on Hexen armors.
= Fixed Akimbo pistol one-liner sound channel.
= Changed Pistol pickup sprite.
= New secret sound (last this time, swear)
= tweaked pistol and rifle ammo sprites
= New casing sprites (from Redneck Rampage, Shadow Warrior and Blood, these ones by ZioMcCall)
= Fixed Barrels and TNT not playing ear ringing noises
= Fixed Hexen items not displaying special effects.
= New main menu fonts (from the original game).
= tweaked menu icon animation
= tweaked cursed heart idle offsets.
+ Added some sprites to the TNT idle.
+ Revamped TNT effects and sprites (now it has a blast wave and some flying smoke and debris)
+ Added a wall debris effect to bullet puffs.
+ Added CVARS for Fake Blood, Pixel Debris, Ear Ringing noises and physical recoil.
+ Added menu support for Bolognese Gore mod.
+ Added more one-liners to TNT throw.
+ Fixed shotgun animation for one shell.
+ Buffed Life Leech altfire damage.
+ Added one-liners for when he pickups a medikit with health lower than 25.
+ Revamped Jackhammer altfire to work like a remote bomb. Still need some fixes, though.


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Again, apologies for the big bump, but this thread was outdated;


Ultra-Crispy features much more stuff since the latest time i posted it here. Caleb now can taunt enemies, akimbo keys can be customized, there's new one-liners, new sprites, bugfixes and more. Enjoy!

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Letting everyone know that both exists in Map 15 of Eviternity suffer some extreme slowdown using this mod, but only the exits in that map, which Eviternity's author said is unusual as all the "kill player" exits in his mod are identical and no other map suffers from it.

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Thank you for letting me know!


However, i also wonder what would slow things down, since Caleb's death would also be the same, hahahah


Also, there might be one or two scripts which execute upon UC death, that may be the issue, however it still don't matches  the other maps.

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I have played two different versions of Ultra Crispy; an older build where the Assault Rifle sprites were an AK-47, and a newer build where they were replaced by an AR.
I would like to start off, first and foremost, by saying that this is a VERY solid gameplay mod, which I have enjoyed playing immensely. This is incredibly well-polished, and I can't praise it enough.

However, with a lot of positives, there comes a small handful of complaints.
Firstly, I must say that the grenades that are launched from the assault rifle's underbarrel launcher are considerably underpowered for something that uses full-on rocket ammo. The limited range and small splash damage radius makes them somewhat impractical. So my advice for that, would be to up the splash radius, and increase the potential range of the grenade launcher.

Second, for the size and dramatic flair of their explosions, the barrels do disproportionately low damage. Granted, I haven't exactly looked through the files in the mod itself, so I am assuming that the damage values for the barrels are the same as vanilla, but because they're the same, the greater flash and boom of the new explosion effects makes it look more powerful than they actually are. 

This last one is more of a personal nitpick; I would greatly appreciate the inclusion of the classic pitchfork, in the stead of the mod's machete.

Beyond all this, I thank you for your time, and still heartily congratulate you for the quality of your hard work.

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Thank you! It's been a long time since i don't mess with this particular mod, but i will take a dive on it sometime :)

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On 12/18/2020 at 6:36 AM, GAA1992 said:

Thank you! It's been a long time since i don't mess with this particular mod, but i will take a dive on it sometime :)

In any case, I wish you the best of luck, going forward.

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