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Crowd Control Doom for Twitch streamers

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You might be wondering "What is that?"


Basically Crowd Control lets your viewers earn Loyalty for watching your stream over time (example every 5 minutes they earn 10-20 loyalty)

That viewer can then spend that loyalty to spawn monsters around the streamer (example spend 25 loyalty to spawn an imp or 300 to spawn a cyberdemon etc or 1,000 to cause all monsters to respawn for 2 minutes)

For larger streamers the ability for viewers to spend bits is available too (Very handy)

Okay so will it work for your version of doom/wad.. The short answer to that is yes, with a little tweaking (knowing the monster names for your wad helps allot).


Here is a sample of UV taking the concept and having a blast with it


This is his points scale for his viewers to spend (https://imgur.com/sMaL9mk)


It can also provide good jump scares for others



I have all the instructions needed on my discord https://discord.gg/nc2KeqB


The basic setup requires having Streamlabs Chatbot, Python 2.7.13, and Autohotkey installed. 

My File i provide contains custom scripts and commands that you import into streamlabs chatbot

The only Doom editing you need to do is to the INI file that contains the controls scheme.


All the detailed instructions are located in the zip file i provide on the discord.

I have it pre-setup to run on the latest brutal doom, but if you want it done on something else then that's just a matter of adjusting the monster names in the INI file and chatbot command.


I'll be more than happy to help anyone through the process if they need there. (as a side note: i also made versions that work with Half Life 2, and GTA 5)


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