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Weapon skins for vanilla Doom.

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I'm tired of looking of the Beretta M9 and the shotgun everytime I started a map.
I tried looking for weapon skins, but it seems like most of them are made using Decorate/ZScript.
So are there any weapon skin packs out there that done a very good job while heavily used Dehacked?

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Sounds like what you need is simple sprite replacements that don't change states or at the minimum very few. There aren't a whole lot but there are some scattered across WADs. For example the super guns in Valiant (and others) and the Rocket Launcher in EPIC 2.

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15 minutes ago, Nevander said:

For example the super guns in Valiant 

Eh, the pistol in Valiant looks so bad to the point I had to replace its sprites.

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