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The DWIronman League dies to: Stardate 20X6

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March, 2019



> Download Stardate 20X6
> NaZa's unofficial leader board



  1. [2] 7-S-S Bloodite Krypto - The main event. Suffocated on UV by Magnus's manifold arch-viles.
  2. [2] 4-6-S WH-Wilou84 - I love seeing Wilou make it past the finish line, especially in sets where he demands the best from himself. Well done.
  3. [2] 3-3-3 Anima Zero - Shows a remarkable ability to both escape certain death and collapse suddenly into a throng of monsters.
  4. [3] 2-6-7 antares031 - Lost a game of cat-and-mouse in the deep, dark maze. The cat had a rocket launcher.
  5. [1] 2-3-4 leodoom85 - Not bad, though he won't be invited back to the Revenant Rodeo. Ultimately undone in Tanagra's Purple Boombox room.
  6. [1] 2-3-3 SSGmaster - I don't think you're supposed to let the cattle out of their pens! But then, I'm not sure what I'd do in that room on HNTR.
  7. [2] 2-2-3 NoisyVelvet - Ripped to pieces by the cavalry, but not before counting and documenting every pixel in Amethyst.
  8. [3] 2-2-? Bdubzzz - Lost his handle on the situation when the Muddy Cyberdemons started zipping around the punch. (DNF)
  9. [2] 2-?-? Scotty - Tried to carve through the Mud Cake with a plasma rifle but wound up with his face in it instead. (DNF)
  10. [2] 2-?-? Ancalagon - Rare foray back into Ironman is cancelled by a dumb piece of rock. (DNF)
  11. [3] 2-?-? Vince Vega - A truly True Detective would have seen that gap was too narrow!
  12. [2] 2-2-? Alfonzo - Whatever god kept feeding me outs must have dropped his jaw in amazement at all this terrible decision-making. (DNF)
  13. [3] 2-2-2 Dragonfly - Just eat the megasphere, Dragonfly. Diabetes doesn't matter if you plan on dying, soon.
  14. [1] 2-?-? Fiendzy - Routed by revenants in a mud bunny mosh pit. (add-on used)
  15. [3] 2-?-? Beginner - Stood naked under a meteor shower. A surprising turn from previous performances. (DNF)
  16. [1] 2-?-? dt_ - Tried to give his teleporting bath time friends the old rope-a-dope. Failed. (DNF)
  17. [2] 2-?-? Roofi - Committed stalagmite seppuku. (DNF)
  18. [1] 1-3-3 Suitepee - After an unfortunate run-in with Amethyst's first cyberdemon, rallies to deliver a respectable performance. (illegal gfx)
  19. [3] 1-2-2 Jimmy - If confidence is key, then this was a door that Jimmy was never going to open. Chin up; weapons online!
  20. [1] 1-2-2 Urthar - Arch-vile wants a name for himself but is upstaged by a hyper-hostile revenant.
  21. [2] 1-2-2 JudgeDeadd - When it's peak hour traffic in the Mud Bath, sometimes you've just gotta shoot the cars out of the way.
  22. [3] 1-1-2 NaZa - That damn stalagmite. Also, call an optometrist: I think NaZa has red/blue colour blindness. (DNF)
  23. [1] 1-1-1 DMPhobos - Flipped the switch in the final fight a tad prematurely and was wasted by the cyberdemon. (illegal gfx)
  24. [1] 1-1-1 Bob9001 - In fairness, that's a tough secret to open with and there were some pretty bad rolls of the dice on HMP. Unlucky!
  25. [1] 1-1-1 Pegleg - Nothing but admiration for making this a blind run. Stand tall, Peggy (or as best you can)!

What is the Doomworld Ironman League?

The DWIronman League is a monthly competition in which participants aim to survive for as many levels as possible in the given map set, preferably in one sitting. Click the spoiler tag below for a detailed list of rules. Players of all levels of ability are welcome. It could change the way you play Doom!


In March, 2019, The Doomworld Ironman League dies to @Ribbiks's Stardate 20X6, -complevel 9 (boom (strict)), a seven map chocolate box of set plays and Mud Bunnies for Doom 2. It's hard — very much so to anyone who hasn't spent their entire Doom career threading needles between revenant and arch-vile hordes — but it's not totally unforgiving, either, if you have at least some of the rudiments down. This isn't a slaughter map set, per say, but the tools that allow you to survive in those environments will put you in good stead, here. But hey, this is a Ribbiks original. You know what to expect and this preamble is just treading water.


Good luck and die well. Three times.


**NOTE** We will will not be playing MAP31, here. Just the base seven levels. 1CC rules are also in effect. For those who need a reminder:


Players are granted three lives in this format, one for each of UV, HMP and HNTR. Play proceeds as normal until death, at which point the player drops down to the next available skill level and restarts the game from pistol start, beginning on the map in which he/she died. Death is final once the player dies on HNTR. Players are ranked either according to the time taken to survive or to reach the map they died on, with skill level taking priority in both cases. Players are only considered to have "survived" the challenge if the set/map is cleared on UV.


Potential Game-stoppers and Bugs

prboom-plus -file stardate20x6 -complevel 9 -warp -skill 4 -record dwironman...


  • One attempt on UV only. No pistol-starting.
  • Demos (PrBoom+, GLBoom, Eternity or Chocolate), stream highlights and video recordings are the only accepted proofs. You must link to these runs in the thread. 
  • No additional wads may be loaded.
  • No cheats and no features that result in behavior beyond what is possible in the intended source port (e.g. freelook, jumping and crouching in a boom set). This includes dynamic lights and brightmaps. If streaming or recording videos using an advanced source port with compatibility options, you must display these settings on-screen before your run. In ZDoom derivative ports, "Doom/Boom(strict)" will suffice.
  • If you choose to stream/record your run for video rather than provide a demo and you die before completing a single level, either on MAP01 of a set OR because a single level was selected for the month, you must display the number of monsters killed/remaining in the level before you quit.
  • You do not have to play the secret levels in order to register a complete run. However, a player who finishes the game having completed more secret levels will rank higher than his/her competitors.
  • You cannot load a game having progressed past the save point.
  • You cannot consult Doom Builder during your run to check for map details.
  • If the recording of your official run is interrupted due to technical difficulties, you are not permitted a second attempt. Any surviving recording may be used to register a DNF result.
  • Accidentally restarting a level before a death exit takes you to the tally screen will disqualify your run.
  • You are required to affix one of three numbers to your run informing the League of your degree of familiarity with the map/set played. Note that your evaluation should only take into consideration the content covered in your run (e.g. if you remember only one part of a level in a set you haven't played before but never reach that level, you should list your run as a [1] instead of [2]):
  1. This is a blind run. If I have played or watched any of the level/set being played before, I can't remember the details of any one area in a way that would offer an advantage over truly blind players.
  2. This is a familiar run. I have played or watched the level/set being played before — even if it's only one area — and can remember enough details to have an advantage over blind players.
  3. This is a prepared run. Before declaring my official run I:
    • Played the WAD to some extent after it was announced for this month's challenge, and/or
    • Inspected the WAD's level design in an editor, and/or
    • Watched another ironman run.



Previous Threads

Jenesis (winner: Demon of the Well)
Crusades (winner: Ribbiks)
Nilla Doom (winner: Demon of the Well)
Khorus' Speedy Shit (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
Perdition's Gate (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
UAC Ultra (winner: Bloodite Krypto)


Jade Earth (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
Legacy of Heroes (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
Back to Saturn X E1 (winner: dew)
Mapgame (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
Vae Victus 1 & 2 (winner: Demon of the Well)
Disturbia (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
Insertion (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
Unholy Realms (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
Osiris (winner: Demon of the Well)
End Game & End Point (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
Oscillation (winner: Ancalagon)
Doom The Way id Did (winner: kmc)


Combat Shock 2 (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
Coffee Break (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
Warlock's Hearth (winner: Demon of the Well)
50 Monsters (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
Double Impact (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
Rush (winner: WH-Wilou84)
The Darkening E1 & E2 (winner: Veinen)
The Plutonia Experiment (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
Interstellar Sickness & Shaman's Device (winner: leodoom85)
Doom 64 for Doom 2 (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
TNT: Renascence & Resistance (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
Ultimate Doom The Way id Did (winner: Bloodite Krypto)


Hellfire: Dreams (winner: Bloodite Krypto)

Fomalhaut (winner: Bloodite Krypto)

Edited by Alfonzo : I am an update.

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ooh nice
such a good set of levels, mud bunny opened my eyes to new mapping styles

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Fair warning that the biggest jump across skill levels is between UV and HMP in 20X6. You should probably consider HNTR as more of a mulligan, with very few monsters being deducted from HMP's total, if any (though you will be graced with the odd extra power-up).


Ribbiks also appears to have "about-faced" some of the monsters in traps on lower settings, which should give you some time to prepare before executing a strategy.

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I might practice this time around as 1CC (read: slaughter) did me no good in the past.

Edited by NaZa

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1 minute ago, Dragonfly said:

Uh oh, a Ribbiks WAD.


Hey, not too rough :D .


Be glad it's 20x6 and not 20x7, I can guarantee we'll both die on MAP01 in that one (provided I even find the way, which took me hours when I first played it). Loved 20x6, but hated most of 20x7 (you can read my review on it if you want to know why).


I'll make my run later today, if not, probably tomorrow, it's going to be a Cat 2 this time since I played both Stardates before.

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56 minutes ago, Dragonfly said:

Uh oh, a Ribbiks WAD.


Pretty much what I thought. At least the 1CC rule might make it tolerable on a blind run for me.


(also shouldn't this be in Wads & Mods?)

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Oh, yikes, not sure how I managed to overlook that. I don't think I can move it from my end. If a mod could handle that I'd be grateful!

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So I made my run today after all, and as usual, it sucks. Died on MAP01 after running from one side of the map to the other as I forgot how you were supposed to dispatch the Cyberdemon and ran straight into a rocket.


Now if you'll excuse, I'm going to rage after another massive disappointment, similar to how I did after my death on MAP01 of Plutonia. I really need to accept I'm trash at Doom and stop expecting to ever survive any Ironman run. It's not happening, too many opportunities, never seized a single one. Cat 2.



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Since WADs here are always cruel, this league could be named: "Alfonzo's Torture House". Kidding. :) Went in completely blind (starting record was very first launch of this WAD). I killed few bastards, but... i deleted demo.

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1 minute ago, Rimantas said:

Since WADs here are always cruel


No, not really. Some might be perceived as such, others really aren't that big of a deal, if you're careful.


This coming from someone who still dies in easy-to-medium difficulty wads like an idiot but sometimes thinks he's otherwise "decent".

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Anyway the 2019 standings have been updated and it's unsurprisingly dominated by Krypto but there's already battles for 2nd (Beginner, antares and me out of all people) and 5th (dt_, an_mutt, Vince Vega, Anima Zero and WH-Wilou84) forming.

An addition to the table was also made - it now has the movement aka how many places you've gained/lost in regards to last month. I'll possibly also add the current Top 10 to this post too if somebody's too lazy to see it on that link in the OP.


For instance it's visible Scotty rose 10 places in regards to last month, whereas leodoom85 fell 9 places.


TOP 10


1. Bloodite Krypto (=)

2. Beginner (=)

3. antares031 (+4)

4. NaZa (+2)

5. dt_ (+4)

6. Vince Vega (+6)

7. an_mutt (+1)

8. Anima Zero (-3)

9. WH-Wilou84 (+1)

10. Alfonzo (+3)


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Meanwhile, I'm only now noticing the 1CC rule.


Not like it matters, I'll probably add another 2 dumb deaths on MAP01 on both HMP and HNTR. I need to chill out, but that won't change the facts... and I was primarily interested in UV anyway since that's how I beat it the first time around if memory doesn't fail me.


1 minute ago, Eris Falling said:

Fomalhaut is easy tbh


So is Plutonia.

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Stardate 20x6 'ey? Last time I played this, I chose ITYTD and still died a lot. Even with ICC rules, I'll consider myself fortunate to reach Map03. But I'll give it a go. Who's afraid of a bunch of sprites? ;)

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wtf happened to Feb 29th and Feb 30th, it's March already?

anyways i've done the UV part of my attempt so far:

I finished Map01 in 53 minutes because I was looking for the plasma rifle (didn't find it...) and jumping around on stuff.  I even spent some time trying to get stuck in a 32 wide inescapable pit I found because I can't pass such a curious opportunity, but I couldn't even manage that because I suck so much (see pic)

Eventually I caved and exitted... then choked hard at the very beginning of Map02 and died on UV.


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That's a really good result for now, Noisy. Good follow-up to last month's drought-breaking performance as well. Good luck with the remaining two lives.

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I didn't expect to get past the first map, Did this completely blind unfortunately. an imp got in my way and I took a stack of rev rockets in the bum on map02 :C

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Just now, NoisyVelvet said:



  Hide contents



That's pretty funny XD.

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(speed is 05 because I had to screenshot the frames from the demo playback)


After dominating the map both on UV and HMP I died at the end due to my own stupidity after getting hit by a Cyberdemon rocket which made me disoriented both times.

I got demoralized.

I played like shit on HNTR and got to MAP02 where I got stuck in the stalagmite pit I was warned about...


Category 3, which should be apparent due to my extensive knowledge of MAP01; for sure if I wasn't so horribly unlucky on UV and HMP I would've gotten quite deep into MAP02 since I practiced up to the halfway mark of MAP03. I only practiced it on UV, though; I didn't run the maps on the lower skill settings...


I look forward to being last, and if a slaughter wad ever again gets picked in the future, I'll carefully avoid the thread. :P



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UV: Dead on MAP01

HMP: Dead on MAP02
HNTR: Dead on MAP02

That's no Mud Bunny, that's a Killer Rabbit.


Category is 2, I've completed the wad before, although that was over a year ago.


I actually remembered that the grand teleporter battle on map02 was the final battle before the exit, so I was all pumped when I completed the fight... only to realize I still had some keys to collect before I could exit. Crap



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3 hours ago, NaZa said:


  Hide contents

I look forward to being last



Excuse me, you're stealing my rank.


No one else has died on MAP01 yet (beside JudgeDeadd) :D.

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My deaths from UV to HNTR: 2-3-3, I died twice in the same room on map 3! (category 1)



I expected a boring slaughterwad but no, It's a pretty good wad with interesting battles.



Edited by SSGmaster : YT video added

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