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Quick N' Clean: Tombase [Single Level PWAD, vanilla friendly!]

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Hey, hey people.


Just a quick n dirty, light salad for a small MAP01 level replacement requiring Doom 2, for use on any sourceport, be it GZDoom, Chocolate Doom, or Marshmellow Doom (the actual tested ones) and probably beyond. Has all the DM, Difficulty and Co-Op bells and whistles too.

Basically it's just a small UV 100% in 1-3 minutes, as a sort of spooky Tom Hall tribute (Dark Halls, UAC iconography, big ol' chunk of 45' angles, lotsa SHAWN, the whole 9 yards) with a tad of Resource management-focus, and a dabble of Romero design rules.


Screenies (spoilers because duh, to save third-world potatoes, and to prevent your internet burning down like the Hindenburg):



Download it!

Mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/914x77bilru95lr/tombase.zip/file
/idgames: SoonTM

Check it out, it's not Resurrected Nightmare...or Hangar 2 😃

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57 minutes ago, Hellbent said:


There's two secrets:


1) The first is hidden behind the barrel you see when starting, shoot it, "open" and the floor will come down, revealing a SSG
2) The second is in the pipe switch/exit door switch room, where the "dark squares, within light squares" (GRAY4) texture is, open it up to get a chaingun, and some ammo.


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Good effort. Too small to stand alone though—needs to be the start of a mini-episode :). (Even the exit looks designed to be copied into another map, with the player starting on the other side of the now-opened exitdoor wall!)

One hanging body needs to be changed to a non-blocking type (thing 94).

Sector 88 isn't really big enough for two imps. One can prevent the other from being able to move, which (due to the way Doom's monster code works) also prevents it from being able to attack (except in nightmare/-fast). Suggest making the sector a little bigger if possible.

Slow first attempt, finishes in 5:51. Wallhumper's delight. If you watch this, speed it up a lot.

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