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It's time for another of Javaguy's thrilling "Find this for me please because I'm an incompetent moron and can't find anything for myself" threads.

This one might be a little tough. However, I have faith in Fodders superhuman powers to find anything in the entire world. I seriously think he should be dubbed the mage of information, like that little gnome guy in the Xanth books.

I'm looking for a laptop. But not just any laptop. One the has at least the recommended requirements for Doom. What's more is that I'm looking for it for under $1700, and under $1500 would be even better.

Thanks for your precious time with which you could probably be doing something better.

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If you are really asking for DOOM... dude, check the newspaper for the nearest garage sale laptop you can find. =P

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DEMOn said:


I was thinking that! $1500 is a LOT of money to spend to run the original Doom. A 486DX 2/66 will run vanilla doom quite happily (in general) and these will be next to nothing in terms of cost. Or get a cheap Pentium. I was quite happily running all my doom stuff on a P233mmx until recently (I upgraded).

Now if you're talking Doom3, you'd better start saving.....

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I was, in fact, talking Doom III. As of now, I have $950. My work place still owes me money, and I have a decent paying job. I'm selling my go(ghetto) kart and my old 200XL HP palmtop. The next few hundred dollars won't really be a problem.

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Those Xanth books rule. The short gnome dude was Good Magician Humphrey.

a laptop that can run doom? I'd wager you could get one for about 300-500 dollars.

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