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Speedzec demos [-complevel 9]

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Post your demos for Speezdec (under speedzec.zip) here. This is a Boom-compatible wad by the Russian Doom community.

A minimum of -complevel 9 is required when using prboom-plus. The suggested naming convention is szXY-ZZZ.lmp, where XY is the map number and ZZZ is the time. Replace the "-" with letter(s) representing categories other than UV-speed and max such as NM (n), Stroller (str), or Anti-Sherlock -respawn Ballerina Reality (asrbalreality).


Speedzec Map 22 pacifist in 0:04.83. This wad isn't on idgames, and the official link is dead (although it is supposed to be final), so it's included in the zip file.


Edited by 4shockblast

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1 hour ago, kraflab said:

^ I think it's speezdec actually

Yeah, the wad name is that, but it's actually both (zip filename was my version as evidenced by the attached file). Fun Russian language pun :^)


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So I kinda typo'd in my shortcut so that d2all run starts on map 2, didn't even notice when playing lol.

Maybe don't upload that one.

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