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Node builders that build extreme detailed maps without failing

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I am seeking node builders that do not fail on the segs or blockmap building because there are so many sidedefs in a map (we're speaking over 60,000 sidedefs & over 32,000 vertices) and sometimes sizing 15,000 by 13,000 units.


The following builders have been tried:

  • Oblige's internal GLBSP (Cannot build BLOCKMAP)
  • Ajapted's external GLBSPX (Cannot build BLOCKMAP)
  • AJBSP (Cannot build BLOCKMAP)
  • ZokumBSP (Cannot build BLOCKMAP, also crashes before the file saves after doing REJECT processing)
  • ZDBSP (Cannot build BLOCKMAP)
  • ZenNode (Cannot build BLOCKMAP)


Are there ANY node builders that will build a BLOCKMAP with such extreme detail and sizes out there that won't crap out on me?

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I had decent luck using DeepBSP on an extremely big map.


Although, while I'm no Blockmap expert, it's interesting that it's the Blockmap specifically that's failing on all the nodebuilders you've tried. I wonder if there's an issue with your map in that respect?

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Nodebuilders can not magically circumvent the limitations of the file format (they already do to some extend). If ZokumBSP can't build it you're probably shit outta luck. What you can try to do is to manually try to simplify the blockmap. For example, if your map has disconnected areas you can try to move them closer together, or align your gemoetry more to your map's blockmap grid.


[edit] the number of sidedefs or vertices is irrelevant, the blockmap only contains  linedefs.

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@boris @Bauul The maps themselves are generated by Oblige, they are also considerably enhanced by a small group of folks such as myself, Caligari87 and others who are pushing to make the generated maps better overall (hence the heavy linedef use), it is called ObAddon.

But on the subject of node builders and DeepBSP, will that work? All the builders I've tried I've tried using with V5 GL nodes and none of them wanted to build but the Doom Wiki mentions DeepBSP supports up to V4 GL nodes.

EDIT: I ran a small map set with extreme detail and not even DeepBSP could help nor could trying again with some of ZokumBSP's other options.

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