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So there's already Samsara, but...

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I feel like it would be cool to substitute weapons, monsters and powerups from other Doom engine games into Doom just to mess with the balance and make things more interesting.  Taking from Heretic/Hexen, Hacx, Chex Quest, Doom 64 and maybe even PSX Doom (because they're ever-so-slightly different).  I wouldn't do things like have Flemoids drop clips or whatever.  Just have them replace Zombiemen with all their original mechanics intact.  Some replacements would make the game easier, some would make it harder.  I'd try to use an equivalent thing, though, and not sub in Doom 64's rocket launcher for the pistol or something.


Is there anybody else who'd get a kick out of such an experiment?  What substitutions would you make if you could choose?

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