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The Prodigy's Keith Flint dies aged 49

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:( Found out about the news this morning...only hours after it happened...Such a sad thing to find out and it's going to be tough not to hear him in (hopefully) newer tracks...

Mental health is not something to be taken lightly as more of these kinds of things come to light, it's so important to get it tackled lest we lose more talented individuals...Why can't we lose the assholes instead of the good people... :(

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I wanted to see if my memory was correct that it was Madonna that brought them to the mainstream back 20 years ago. I indeed was correct. Time to listen to the Fat of the Land for old time sake.

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Saw them for the first time in Helsinki in 1997, slipped into adults only event as a 14-year old with special relations. The gig forever left a mark on me; their music was what started a chain of events that lead me into being a musician myself. Most of my Doom maps created in the 90's were soundtracked by Music for the Jilted Generation and the Fat of the Land while working on them.


May he rest in peace. The heavens won't be the same - the clouds will forever be on fire now!


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I've been crying since hearing the news. This is the first time the death of a celebrity has impacted me so hard. I can't imagine what Liam's feeling right now.

Over the past year I've been rediscovering the Prodigy and have been listening to their beats like nothing else. What a gross shock. It's sickening to know that the dude I always looked up to in those videos, from his explosive onstage performances to his friendly banterful offstage malarkey is gone, and before I ever got to see him in person. RIP

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14 minutes ago, Jimmy said:







Hehe @Jimmy I was expecting this. In tribute of this tragic loss, I've started on a remix of a Prodigy track that I will send to Liam Howlett once it is done! Something with lots of drums and psytrance influences! To honour the memory of Keith Flint.

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12 minutes ago, Jimmy said:

Sounds badass. Do post it here when you're done!


Will do as long as there won't be copyright issues which I will need to confirm from Liam first!

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A terrible loss, the prodigy were certainly out there with their sometimes raw and aggressive music but man it was great to listen to. A class above most stuff these days.

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