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Checkered "no texture" issue with custom textures

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I did a bit of mapping many years ago and recently got back to it. Using Doom Builder X, and the few maps I've made the last couple of weeks are in ZDoom UDMF format. I downloaded a few texture WADs to give me more options for my mapping (https://gyazo.com/abfee6bd369598da4f0d1d1303f0f93c), all except the DOOM2.WAD strictly loaded patches only between P_START and P_END if that makes a difference. Now, when I've launched the maps through DBX with GZDoom, I've had no issues at all and everything has looked fine, at least texture wise.


That changes when I try to play the WADs directly through GZDoom, where all my non-standard DOOM2 textures come out as white-blue checkers indicating that they can't be found, I suppose?


My guess was that there's something I need to do, but I don't know what that is. I downloaded a few different single level WADs from the WADs & Mods section here as well just to try things out and I'm getting various levels of checkered textures in those as well. Asked through PM and was told I need the correct WAD where the texture originates from in my GZDoom directory, but... Well, I've thrown every single WAD I have made (and the texture WADs) etc. into my GZDoom directory and it makes no difference. I find it hard to believe that these much more experienced map makers would have the same issue I have with my missing textures, so I believe the issue is still on my end.


Do I need to do something particular in DBX (or some other program) to have the imported resources actually "follow" with my WAD, or have I screwed something royally with my GZDoom? Never had any issues with MegaWADs, but seemingly every single 1-map WAD has missing textures.



Edit: Crap, this was meant for the questions section. If any mod etc. wishes to move this, please do so.

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I think need load your used texture packs alongside with your pwad and gzdoom. Use zdl or doom launcher for easier manager or simply drop content over gzdoom.exe. If you load only pwad without textures, it will show checkboard pattern. 

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Loading a map and additional resources with DBX



(or any editor) does not actually load the resources into your map.

You need to load those resources into your map with a lump editor

like Slade3.


However, you might not use all the textures, flats, etc from the resources,

then use Maintenance



to cull the extra resources. However, this culling works only for

resources using the TEXTURE1, PNAMES lumps.

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8 minutes ago, Kappes Buur said:

Loading a map and additional resources with DBX (or any editor) does not actually load the resources into your map.

You need to load those resources into your map with a lump editor

like Slade3.


Oooh, so I need to use Slade3 or similar to actually save the textures on my map. That makes a lot of sense, thanks for the help!


Do you think it's reasonable to assume that it's the same issue with some megaWAD map projects that are actually marked as complete? For example, I downloaded and tried out MAP02 and MAP03 from this project, and nearly all textures give me the checkered pattern. I'm not sure, but I would think maps marked as complete (at least MAP03) wouldn't have that issue on the mapper's end? If not, any guess what it could be on my end?

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That is exactly the same issue.


2/3 down the OP you'll find



If you're interested in mapping for this you can find the texture resource here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ffi6jmf64zy5pxe/ak_resrce.wad?dl=0


You either have to load that resource with the maps or import the resources

into the maps.

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If all the custom textures use a single patch each, put them in the Textures folder of your pk3, or between TX_START and TX_END in your wad.  Then, you won't need to mess with TEXTURE1 and PNAMES at all.  Any port that supports UDMF with ZDoom extensions (which you are probably using), like (G)ZDoom or Zandronum, will also support this method of adding textures.

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