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looking for Wads set in a neighbourhood/town

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just as i stated before i would like to play some wads in a neighbourhood/ town setting 

also wile im here im also looking for wads set in a destroyed or abandoned city preferably works in gzdoom thank you for your assistence 

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Going Down and Hellfire Dreams's MAP03 onward.
Also, there are a hell of a lot wads set in an industrial/city setting.
Just to name a few more: Doom 2 the Way id Did's city maps; Valiant's chapter 3 (dunno if it's count); Operation Body Count TC; Dawn of The Dead; some of NeoDoom's maps; Doom 2 Reloaded's City maps; Hellbound.

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Oceanside (based on the author's home town)

Eternally Yours (same author, first maps are neighborhood-ish)

Sacrament (mostly city and/or corrupted bases, designed more in an adventure fashion)

Kama Sutra (with all the DoomCutery most maps seem like destroyed towns, explicitly maps 14 and 29, idk)

City of Doom (self-explanatory)

HacX (a total-conversion: all custom assets, most maps are in urban/city style, some weird cyberspace ones in between) 

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