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CTF Mania - 897 maps in 1

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Now 897 Capture The Flag maps for Zandronum and ZDaemon!






Included CTF Wads:

1.) ZD Mega CTF (zdmegactf-1h_rc3.wad)

2.) ZDaemon CTF B-Sides (zdctf_bsides-.wad)

3.) Chaos Core CTF Map Pack III (ChaosCoreCTFmpIII-07172016.wad)

4.) Extreme CTF (tlsxctf1.wad, tlsxup1c.wad)

5.) CGCTF (cgctf.wad, cg4fctf.wad)

6.) 32in24 IV: CAPTURE THE FAG (32in24-4.wad)

7.) 32in24 7: Return of the Night of CTF (32in24-7.wad)

8.) 32in24 12: IRON MAPPER (32in24-12.wad)

9.) 32in24 16: DOOT CTF (32in24-16.wad)

10.) Rage CTF (ragectf.wad)

11.) Velocity CTF (veloctf.wad)

12.) ZDaemon Epic CTF Map Pack 3 (zdectfmp3.wad)

13.) ZDaemon's ULTIMATE CTF (zductf.wad)

14.) ZDaemon CTF Map Pack (zdctfmp.wad, zdctfmp2.wad, zdctfmp3-.wad)

15.) Velocity CTF X (veloctfx.wad)

16.) XCTF 2018 v4 (xctf2018v4.wad)

17.) Quake 3 CTF (q3ctf.wad)

18.) Pro CTF (proctfmp.wad)

19.) Project 12 (pj-12.wad)

20.) X-MAS CTF (x-mas-ctfzd.wad)

21.) CTF (ctf.wad)

22.) Crazy CTF (zdcctfmpc.wad)

23.) Black Rose CTF (blackrosectf2.wad)

24.) 8 bit CTF (8bitctf.wad)

25.) WTF CTF (wtfctf.wad)

26.) RBCTF (rbctf.wad)

27.) The Zodiac CTF (zodctf-mp1a.wad, zodctf-zdsaddon.wad)

28.) SPAK CTF (spakctf12b.pk3)

29.) OVERLOAD CTF (ovldmaps1b.pk3)

30.) UAC CQC CTF (uac-cqc-ctf_ptestv1.wad )

31.) The Lost CTF Maps (thelostctfmaps-zdsversion.wad)

32.) Smart CTF (sctf1v_.wad)

33.) Blue Dragons CTF (bdctf.wad)

34.) Cup CTF (cupctf.wad)

35.) Grotesque CTF (grotectfr.wad)

36.) Flosp CTF (flospctf_new.wad)

37.) jCTF (jctf3r6e1.wad)

38.) Skulltag CTF (stctf.wad)

39.) Micro City CTF (mcctf.wad)

40.) Shadow Knights CTF (sk-ctf.wad)

41.) Gray Demons CTF (fred2ctf.wad)

42.) RFA CTF (rfactf-ns-b-2.wad)

43.) Legendary CTF (legendary-35a.wad)

44.) Enzuigiri CTF (enzuigirictf_v05.wad)

45.) Fancy CTF (fancyctf10c.wad)

46.) Old Schewlers CTF (osctfmp1.wad)

47.) Sun Well CTF (swellctf.wad)

48.) RD CTF (rdctfmpe.wad)

49.) Toke CTF (tctftest10.wad)

50.) Crammped CTF (ktctf.wad)

51.) SOCCOR CTF (socr_ctf.wad)

52.) CTF Turbine (ctf_turbine.wad)

53.) LZ CTF (lzctf-zd.wad)

54.) Andrigal II CTF (reakuctf.wad)

55.) Oasis Laboratories CTF (natictf.wad)

56.) Snowy CTF (snowyctf.wad)

57.) Map01 CTF (map01-ctf.wad)

58.) Fatal Pemises CTF (fatalpemisesctf_.wad)

59.) Munster CTF (munster_ctf.wad)

60.) Cuervo CTF (cuervoctf.wad)

61.) Plz CTF (plzctf.wad)

62.) Taboo Turf CTF (tabooturfctf.wad)

63.) DP Dust CTF (dpdustctf.wad)

64.) Temple CTF (tmplectf.wad)

65.) JP Games CTF (jpgames_ctf_test_map1.wad)

66.) Evil CTF (evlctf.wad)

67.) Super CTF (super_ctf.wad)

68.) 2 Fort CTF (2fortctf.wad)

69.) Boat CTF Bridge (boatctf_bridgebeta1.wad)

70.) BV CTF (bvctf.wad)

71.) League of Walls (league-of-walls-ctf.wad)

72.) FCTF (fctf4.wad)

73.) Not CTF (notctf.wad)

74.) SG Bad CTF (sgbadctf.wad)

75.) Frank CTF (frankctf.wad)

76.) D6M1 CTF (d6m1ctf.wad)

77.) Lost Barracks CTF (lost_barracks_ctf_1.wad)

78.) Rygrass CTF (rygrassctf.wad)

79.) Russel CTF - Castle (russellctf-castle.wad)

80.) K CTF (k-ctf1.wad)

81.) E1M1 CTF (e1m1ctf.wad)

82.) CTF 2365 (ctf_2365.wad)

83.) CTF 2 Fort (ctf_2fort.wad)

84.) OP Fire CTF (opfire_ctf.wad)

85.) UAC CTF (uac-ctf.wad)

86.) Sux 4 CTF (sux4ctf.wad)

87.) Chaos Core CTF Map Pack IV (chaoscorectfmpiv-05232016.wad)

88.) Facing Worlds CTF (facing_worlds_test_04_ctf.pk3)

89.) Reverse Logic v2, Bonus CTF map, Titanic CTF,
     Behind Sunrise - The Bunny Track, Super Mario 64 CTF
     & Liberty City



    -Made core00 (map75) into a CTF map.
    -Made core23 (map98) & core45 (map885) symmetrical.
    -Fixed things & textures in map886, 887, 889 & 890.
    -Completed map856-858.
    -Completed map891 "Facing Worlds CTF".
        -Guided Missile Launcher is Chainsaw replacement spawned
         as Backpacks in 'Nightmare' mode.
        -Map894-897 have special inventory item 'Steroids'
         (and map73 in 'Nightmare' mode).


Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9mr25dfkxg5835w/CTF-Mania-Ultimate.zip/file

Texture Fix (load after other two wads): http://www.mediafire.com/file/5bujs0481jy8wyd/CTF-Mania-Texture-Fix.wad/file

Edited by yorivdood

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Hey everyone,


Be sure to check out the final version of CTF Mania. It now has 88 CTF wads plus 6 Bonus maps, tested on ZDaemon and Zandronum.

Edited by yorivdood

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