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Changing Kick Damage and Range?

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Anyone know how I can do this? I'd like to add the knockback of a kick to a gum but have it go further along with the bullet.

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Here is a way to do it:

On the same tic as the bullets, shoot an invisible, 0-damage rail attack with RGF_SILENT|RGF_NOPIERCING|RGF_NORANDOMPUFFZ, and make it use a custom puff, which should inherit from BulletPuff and which will do the actual work.

Give the puff +PUFFGETSOWNER and +PUFFONACTORS, and use TNT1 as the sprite so it will be invisible.

In the Spawn state of the puff, use A_RadiusThrust with a small radius, and if the monster hits a wall and dies and you don't get credit for the kill, try the RTF_NOTMISSILE flag. 

Adjust the thrust force until it seems right when you test it.

To the puff, add a Crash state that does nothing, so nothing will happen if it hits a wall.


I would have suggested using that custom puff on the bullet attack itself, but BD, which you are editing, already has a custom puff there, which does fancy effects when it hits a wall.  Hmm, maybe you could do that anyway (put the custom puff in the bullet attack in place of BD's puff, and drop the rail attack), and have the Crash state do those fancy effects, copied-and-pasted from the puff that BD uses.

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