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Trouble with teleport teleport trap

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I started making maps to Doom 2 week ago. Everything was going fine, until I placed a teleport trap (acid square with ammo box). I don't have Idea why it doesn't works. Somone can tell what I'm doing wrong? 


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You have a couple things out in the void.  I left them alone, but you should either move them into the map or delete them.


The lines around the ammo box are set to teleport monsters, but that is not what you want those lines to do.  You want those lines to lower the wall that is blocking the monsters so they can cross the teleport line in front of them.


The teleport line in front of the monsters is not going all the way across, so they can easily bypass it.


The monsters in the teleport closet are overlapping each other, so they can't move.


The teleport closet is pointing away from the player, so the monsters would not move across the teleport line.


The teleport closet is isolated from the rest of the map, so the monsters inside would never be alerted and would forever just stand there idle.  I fixed that by joining the sector with the sector where the player spawns and is forced to shoot at monsters in the same room.


It is not a good idea to have spaces in a wad name, and I am not sure of parentheses, so I got rid of them, too.


I have fixed all these problems, except the things in the void.  I also added a teleport line facing the other way to make it more likely that all the monsters will teleport.



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