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Looking for help to make a custom main menu

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Been a good while since I have had any interaction with any part of the Doom community...

so here we go.


I fancy myself an average mapper and coder in Doom, at least when it comes to all the basics (ACS,Decorate,SNDInfo,MAPInfo, etc.)

The point is: I've been working on and off on the next (and hopefully last) version of my TC of The Theatre.

One of the things I have wanted to add to the mod is a custom main menu akin to the original Unity game.

It doesn't have to be exact. I really just want to change it to be more fitting to the TC is all.

I have read through the ZDoom Wiki page on MENUDEF several times and still don't understand it.

There are some values that come after menu entries that are, as far as I've seen, never explained.

I've looked at Brutal Doom as it contains a custom Brutal Options menu on the main menu (as does RGA, which I have also looked at) for some examples and using parts of it's code as a base, but still haven't had any luck.


The brunt of this is, I'm looking for someone who can make a simple menu that contains







That much I believe is doable in menudef. The other bit, the outcome of selecting anything that isn't NEW GAME immediately crashing the engine, I would need to know if that's even doable through menudef. Otherwise I'd probably just have it display a fake error message on  that menu.

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