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Friezus Christ

Looking For Some Tips

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Hello, I'm building a mega wad, and I was wondering how to do a couple things. The current map I'm working on has a bit where I want to add a force field to keep the player from entering a room. I recall seeing these in knee deep in zdoom. I'm using doom builder 2 with zdoom features enabled. I'll provide some screens of my levels after I get home from work. 



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You could pretty much load up Knee Deep in ZDoom and see exactly how they did it.


But I'm presuming it's basically just a linedef that damages the player if they touch it, perhaps with a bit of force to the damage to thrust the player backwards.


Naturally you will want to make sure that you have some sort of way to disable the force field (and the damaging effects) by some sort of trigger in the level.

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Never even thought of that. Do you just load that map files into a map editor? Never done that before. 


One of the main issues I was having was putting up a translucent texture in the door way. It'll show half of the texture. I'll take a screen shot when I get home. 


And Yeah, I was thinking of having it turned off via switch. 


Thanks for the response! 

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