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Am I allowed to use permanent SR50 and SR50 on turns in a TAS demo?

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Unfortunately, many TAS demos have used this over the years, even though it ought not to be an aspect of TAS, since it isn't normally achievable in Doom. The idea of TAS is meant to be "this is in principle possible in normal play, even if practically impossible". Andrey unfortunately included this in Prb+ (on the basis that he believed it was possible using "a joystick and three hands"), suggesting to some that it was legitimate for TAS demos, but later viewed this as an error and removed it in more recent versions.


Of course Linguicasomeone is likely to make a post about that "-control" thingy or whatever it is, but you can also send turbo tics (or anything you like) to the engine using that, so it doesn't seem relevant.

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As far as being allowed to: yes. It's a tas and you can do anything you want that, except that if you use turbo then it should be marked turbo. I didn't realize there were any tases that don't use sr50 on turns.

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Nobody really cares if you use S50 on turns in TAS. At least it is a lot more easy to make built runs when you allow S50 on turns.


Btw, I think one can only make S24 and S40 on the same frame as turn commands. So it is not just "S50 on turns" but rather S1-50 on turns, excluding S24 and S40.

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On 3/14/2021 at 11:14 AM, L0l1nd3r said:

SR50 and SR50 on turns always felt to cheaty to me, so I don't use them, even in TAS.

...this thread is 2 years old

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