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Greetings, I have the DOOM #1 1996 PROMO COMIC BOOK that was part of ID anthology set. I was wondering what the value of it is, and if anyone would be interested in a CGC graded copy? I am not sure of the market value for this comic as e-bay completed sales are very rare and none are up for sale? Anyone have any info?

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I'm not sure what's the interest in general for the average Doom fan on this forum to purchase Doom merchandise or related stuff. I would say that normally Doom fans just buy the Doom games, and as always there are some more who buy additional merchandise but who knows, maybe there are many interested and I'm just guessing. 


For the record, this website holds a scanned copy of said comic if there's anyone interested in reading it without buying it.

(Here: https://www.doomworld.com/10years/doomcomic/)


Obviously the personal value depends but as the Doom community isn't that big compared to other communities, as this comic isn't a really rare collection item (it is well known for the "Rip and tear" reference) and probably the Doom fans aren't much interested in buying the comic I wouldn't search for great quantities of money at least. It's not that of a collector's must have or something.


The only known info I could find was that some guy in Ebay sold it at 25 GBP (33 US Dollars approx). 

Apart from that, I don't really have anything to say.


Good luck with your research!

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To my knowledge the ID Anthology copy is a reprint so worth around 50 dollars, if I recall the issue number is in a different font and it has a different advert in the middle. 


I have seen the original release sell between 120 and 300 dollars. 

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