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Man of Doom

Doom Intermission Text- Redone

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So a few years back, I created an ambiance pack for Doom, and with it, I included some intermission texts. Basically, I rewrote the intermission screen flavor texts for all the classic Doom campaigns (Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Final Doom/Plutonia/TNT). I've been looking back on them, and I noticed they kind of stand on their own, both as a darker and slightly more tongue-in-cheek take on the Doom campaign.


Without further ado, here are my own versions of those classic intermission texts.


Ultimate Doom:


Episode 1 End:


As you step into the alien portal, your body and senses are immediately assaulted by the sights of Hell itself. At this point, you were supposed to die. You were supposed to fall victim to the legions of this ungodly army.

However, it seems like you're not done just yet. You're not back home, but rather on the shores of hell:
The lost Deimos base left to waste away in eternal damnation.

To continue the DOOM experience, play The Shores of Hell and its amazing sequel, Inferno!




Episode 2 End:


The monstrous cyber-fucker that ruled the base lets out one last roar of agony before exploding in a cacophony of gibs and twisted metal. But this is no time to gloat. The curious glowing over the moon's edge reveals an even greater horror.

Deimos floats above Hell itself.
It seems like this alien plane had ended your comrades, but it certainly isn't going to end you. Quickly, you rappel down to Hell's disgusting surface.

Now, it's on to the final chapter of DOOM! -- Inferno.




Episode 3 End:


The hideous spiderdemon that unleashed evil on the moon bases now lies splattered before you, with various machinery jutting out of its corpse.

A portal appears, beckoning for you. Your reward for besting the dark agents of Hell lies beyond the portal, as you enter and find yourself on the green fields of Earth!
Home at last.

You find yourself curious as to what happened back home while you proved yourself too tough for Hell to contain.
Nothing else could have come through the portal, could it?...




Episode 4 End:


Again, the resurrected mastermind is toppled along with its minions. Again, your trial by fire proves to harden you and transform you into a cold and hardened killing machine. Again, your armor is covered in bullet holes and scratches, your helmet is filled with cracks, and your fists and weapons are caked in blood.
All for your dead pet rabbit, Daisy.

Now, you watch as Earth's cities go up in flames and its denizens cut down in cold blood as Hell chokes life out of it.

Time to welcome Hell on Earth.




Doom II:


Intermission 1 (to Dead Simple):


Upon stepping into the starport, you figure that Hell has established a stronghold here, leaving their own reality to convulse and leave the starport's technology to malfunction.

Up ahead lies the controls to release whatever humanity had been taken prisoner by the hellspawn. Your mission is simple enough:
Blast your way to the starbase's tainted control center and destroy the jailer's heart.



Intermission 2 (to The Factory):


For once, you find yourself at peace, knowing that humanity has been evacuated into the cold comforts of space with the push of a button. Carnivorous mutants, bloodthirsty demons, and damned spirits are now your friends.
You decided that you've performed your duty and proceed to stuff the barrel in your mouth.

But, control calls you for your next task:
"A way to avert the invasion has been found
At the city's center.......main gate

If you destroy the entryway, th......ion will slow....destroy....icon....invas.....will cease\"

Looks like you haven't done your duty.
You're not out of the forest just yet.




Intermission 3 (to Nirvana):


In the blackened heart of the convulsing city, your friends give off that familiar stench. It doesn't seem like you'll be able to destroy the gateway from here, so the only thing left to do is go through it.

Welcome home.


Intermission 4 (End):


The godlike demon you've just slain bellows in pain and disintegrates before your very eyes as you pump the last of your military payload into its diseased brain, causing the icon to thrash wildly and demolish untold miles of its own dimension.

You've done it. Hell is no more.
Humanity is saved, albeit in a damaged condition. Having done your duty, instead of eating your gun, you decide to start your trek back home, wanting to rebuild knowing no demon shall rise anytime soon.


Secret Intermission 1 (to Wolfenstein):


Congrats, you've found the secret level!
However, this place seems to be built by humans, rather than demons. Adorning the entrance of this fortress is an eagle holding a giant swastika.



Secret Intermission 2 (to Grosse):


Congratulations, you've found the super secret level. Hope you're keen on beating this one!






Intermission 1 (to Caughtyard):


As the Accelerator's guardian crumbles before you, your gun is lowered as you procure the Accelerator from Hell's wretched maw.
But wait, there was supposed to be two prototypes, and those goddamn demons must have taken the other one.

Find the prototype, or your struggle will have been for naught. Keep moving, keep fighting, keep killing.
All for the greater good.

Intermission 2 (to Speed):


Not even the dreaded gauntlet of Arch-Viles could contain you, as you walk up to the Accelerator and put a bullet in it, permanently shutting it down.

Don't hold your breath just yet, as up ahead, lies another great demon stronghold.

Knock, knock.

Intermission 3 (to Slayer):


You've kicked in the faces of many demons to find yourself in their command center.
There you discover the existence of the Gatekeeper, a god-like demon whose cousin you've destroyed, and whose spawn is now cascading to Earth.

With a hellish grin, you load up, knowing you've done this before. Time to give this son of a bitch the good news!

Intermission 4 (End):


The Gatekeeper's visage explodes, leaving gibs, bloody metal, and some demented eye of Hell itself which sucks in the burning corpse of the god-demon before the portal collapses and implodes into nothingness.

Now that you've blown Hell into oblivion, you decide to remain at the Gatekeeper's final resting place, to ensure that no demon shall rise again...


Secret Intermission 1 (to Cyberden):


Congrats! Instead of some R&R and a couple of beers, you get an army of cyberdemons to take down! Better have that BFG in handy, or you're not getting out alive.

Secret Intermission 2 (to Go 2 It):


Well, you either have the iron will of a mass murderer or the insanity of a suicidal maniac.

Kill 'em all.





Intermission 1 (to Prison):


You've fought out of the of the diseased research labs. It appears that no matter how many times Hell is unleashed, those sorry bastards at UAC always manage to fuck up real hard when it comes to security of their own assets.

Ahead lies the military complex, now a breeding ground of nightmarish creatures bent on mutilating you.
Hopefully, there's plenty of war ordinance to go around.

Intermission 2 (to Crater):


Judging by the sounds of whining machinery and inhuman wailing up ahead, it looks like new hellspawn is being stitched together through corrupted flesh and bloody metal. If that's the case, you've got an entire legion to put down in the most vile fashion one can possibly think of.

Nobody said it was going to be easy.

Intermission 3 (to Administration Center):


Wait a minute.

You've been through here before. Once when you've been kicked down the galactic toilet for that stint with your commanding officer, and now when this entire corporate shithole has been kicked into Hell's meat grinder.
You've never liked this place, and you sure as hell hate it now.

Intermission 4 (End):


Unlike the Icon of Sin, this demon-spitter screams with an echo turning the blood-red sky into the blue skies of Earth.
This dimension is falling apart slowly, with the mounds of demonic corpses vanishing and the buildings around you crumbling silently. Have you truly won?

Something rumbles in the distance.

A powerful blue light now takes the place of the demon-spitter's decaying skull.



Secret Intermission 1 (to Pharaoh):


Ancient Egypt? Whatever the case, the demons must have made an abode here, despite the ruins becoming awfully quiet.
Have you been forsaken by the gods?


Secret Intermission 2 (to Caribbean):


At last, a vacation. You mutter to yourself that someone else can do the job for a change. As you welcome yourself to the peaceful flowing water, quaint buildings, and placid atmosphere, the iron shoe of a cyberdemon marks the presence of hellspawn.

Goddamn, it appears that the demons really do have it out for you.




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This is pretty good stuff actually. Why you would want to this I dunno but it is pretty good just the same.

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