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Tarazed Destroyer

Custom Monsters - No Decorate File


Hello, I have a question regarding adding custom monsters. I'm downloading from Realm667, and a few of them work, and then there are some that will not appear once added. I'm using SLADE editor to add them, and the ones not appearing do not have the DECORATE File to add an Actor Number to (that's what you're supposed to do?). There is a ZScript File on them which has the monster name with 'Actor' next to it with no number, but I tried adding the number to that too and it still didn't work.


Any idea on what to do? I use GZDoomBuilder also.


Thank You

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Possibly take apart the RRWM mod and see how he did this.


I use this mod with Oblige 7.70 generated pwads, and the ObAddon-2019-03-05.pk3 module. Great fun!!

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Also, you might pick Daryn's brain a little.  We imported 17 monsters from 667 and he was able to get them all to work.  We're also doing modifications to some of them.  If you ask him, I'm certain he'll be happy to help.

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Monsters that use ZScript need editor numbers, but you can't add them to the zscript files themselves. You need to do it through a MAPINFO.txt or lump, depending on if you're working in a wad or pk3. Create a MAPINFO.txt or if you're using SLADE create a new Text lump and call it MAPINFO. You'll eventually need this for other things too.


Here's an example for you to follow.


// Editor Number Definitions
// Editor Thing Number = Class name of the monster's Zscript.
    15000 = Agathodemon

I hope that helps!

Edited by Daryn

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Many thanks for the response. I'm going to try this now and see how it works. The problem was definitely that some monsters have ZScript Files, and others had DECORATE Files instead (the decorate monsters being the ones that worked).


Really trying to get a Diabolist loaded in for a final encounter room of a Temple Trekking megawad I have in the works.

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