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Adding secret exits to a WolfenDoom level?

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Good day, DoomWorld community.

Lately I've been screwing around a bit with the WolfenDoom mod made by LazRojas a long time ago (lazrojas.com/wolfendoom/), being those the Original Missions, Nocturnal Missions and Spear of Destiny mods.

I managed to get the mods running under RetroArch's PrBoom core, and it has support of PWADs and DEH files as well.


I also went ahead and managed to get MP3 playback working with it.

However, I noticed some small things that I would like to modify.

More specifically, I noticed that going into the Secret Exit in E1M1 of the Original Missions simply drops me back into E1M1 again.

I was using SLADE to make some modifications to it, but I couldn't find a way to add the secret exits to each one of the levels that require it.

Original Missions:

  • E1M1 secret exit to E1M10, and E1M10 then exits to E1M2 (iirc)
  • E2M1 secret exit to E2M10, and E2M10 then exits to E2M2
  • E3M7 secret exit to E3M10, and E3M10 then exits to E3M8

Nocturnal Missions:

  • E4M3 secret exit to E4M10, and E4M10 then exits to E4M4
  • E5M5 secret exit to E5M10, and E5M10 then exits to E5M6
  • E6M3 secret exit to E6M10, and E6M10 then exits to E6M4


Spear of Destiny:

  • Floor 4 secret exit to Floor 19, and Floor 19 then exits to Floor 5
  • Floor 12 secret exit to Floor 20, and Floor 20 then exits to Floor 13
  • Not exactly a secret, but maybe make it so that Floor 18 redirects to Floor 21 after completion


Any kind of help on each one of those levels would be greatly appreciated.

Besides the secret exits, the only other thing I'd like to implement is a results screen like that of Wolfenstein 3D, and move the words for the results where they should show up in Wolfenstein 3D. I have no clue how to move the words positions from the Results screen yet.


Please, keep in mind that this is aimed towards running through PrBoom through RetroArch.

Everything needed to make the mod run on Prboom through RetroArch can be found in the following link:


NOTE: The ZIP does not include the doom2.wad nor the prboom.wad, those have to be included in a parent directory to the sod/noct/original folders to make the mods work properly. doom2.wad has to be from an official release, and the prboom.wad can be downloaded from the PrBoom GitHub repo by Libretro.



Thanks in advance for those that might take the time to respond!

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I'm not sure if you can reconfigure map exits and secret exits in PrBoom. I know you can do it in stuff like GZDoom via MAPINFO, but unless PrBoom supports MAPINFO, you're kind of boned, as originally all secret exit stuff was totally hardcoded into the engine - and as far as I know, PrBoom doesn't support that.

  • E1M3 would always exit to E1M9 and then back to E1M4.
  • E2M5 would always exit to E2M9 and then back to E2M6.
  • E3M6 would always exit to E3M9 and then back to E3M7.
  • E4M2 would always exit to E4M9 and then back to E4M3.
  • E5 and E6, of course, did not exist.

In short, it's totally possible, but not with PrBoom. So it's kind of a case of either "live with it" or "be willing to change your engine/not use RetroArch for Doom."

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